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What do Computers Need Protocols For?

In information technology, protocols are essential as they define the rules to communicate between the various entities present in the network. Through this set of rules, notice protocols that the computers can establish smooth communication and perform several tasks. Computers need protocols as they play a cardinal role in modern digital communication despite the different internal processes, designs, or builds. As the data receiver needs to decode the sender data completely, protocols serve as the backbone in such cases. There are several levels at which these protocols exist to ensure a smooth workflow.

The mutual pre-decided agreement on the information structure and how it will be sent and received between two parties. It is difficult for the systems to operate in the absence of the protocols as it is seen that the sender computer is giving out the data and 16-bit packets, and the receiving party is expecting data in eight-bit packets. This gap in protocols can negatively impact and make the functioning complicated. It is usually observed that the protocols are either set internationally or across the entire industry or organization for easy operations. Several protocols in the digital world need to be followed. Network protocols, Security protocols are some of them to be taken care of.

Here, we have prepared a complete guide on Computer Protocols and Standards. Let’s dive deep and thoroughly understand the same:

  • Importance of Protocols:

Deploying protocols is the common practice required in almost all fields, including science and technology, media, digital communication. It decides the data that can be sent, the necessary commands required to transmit and accept data, and the transfer confirmation. In layman’s language, protocols are functional, just like a language. As each language comes up with its own set of rules, it must be ensured that the language user must use the same language to communicate effectively. Protocols, when followed properly, strengthen cybersecurity through the SSL certificate in the digital world.

 Protocols serve as a base that ensures common language for the devices participating in the data communication.

  • Important levels of Protocols: 

Here, we have certain important protocols that need to be followed to ensure smooth operations and functions.

  1. Hardware-level of Protocols:

The hardware devices are established under the chain of communication with defined purposes and targets.

  • Software level of protocols:

Under these, the software devices are established under the chain of communication with the set purposes to collaborate easily and work together.

  • Application level of protocols:

The application programs are connected to support each other and work towards a defined target easily.

  • Categories of protocols: 

Broadly, the protocols can be divided into two categories. 

  1. Standard category:

It includes all the mandatory protocols important for the devices. These protocols are similar for the number of devices and therefore present themselves as a standard. The leaders from the different organizations generate these kinds of protocols. Usually, these protocols do not cost anything, and they are available widely for free.

  • Proprietary protocols:

These are usually generated for individual purposes by a particular organization. If other organizations want to use these protocols, they have to ask for prior permission. Usually, these protocols are not available for free, and the organization interested in using these protocols has to pay for the same.

There are several uses that various protocols serve. Some of the really common ones are summarized below, along with their uses:

  • SMTP is a protocol applied to the exchange of emails.
  • HTTP is applied for requesting the webs pages over browsers.
  • DHCP is used to allocate private IP addresses to devices.
  • CAN protocol for microcontrollers to follow. It is a message-based protocol of utmost importance for devices in low radius regions.

  • Protocols and security:

As the users are more concerned about security in the digital world, it is the need of the hour for every organization to pay attention to the security factor as much as possible. As protocol serves as a standard for the devices to communicate, security keeps the organization’s backbone strong. Nowadays, most organizations are making their security games strong with the help of special SSL certificates. Secure Socket Layer or SSL/TLS certs are digital security protocols that avail a secure and encrypted channel for in-transit communication between two communicating entities on the web. SSL certs are available in the cybersecurity market at varying validation levels and different types. 

Choosing the one that best suits your bespoke needs is the call of the hour. If you have multiple domains and subdomains that you wish to secure, investing in a multi-domain SSL certificate is highly recommended instead of buying separate single-domain SSL certificates for each domain.


Protocols are desirable in every possible field. As protocols play an important role in diplomacy, they are equally important in data science and technology. Protocols enable the developer to communicate with the other applications effectively, as long as they follow them. Without protocols, it becomes tough to achieve the desired results as the operations will either crash or show a computer error. The above mentioned explains the same, and if followed properly, it can help you unlock new heights of success.

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