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Struggling With Product Videos? Here’s How to Create an Awesome One.

The days are long gone when a combination of a catchy tagline and an attractive model holding your product was good enough to introduce what you are offering to your target audience. As the wonders of visuals take over, it has become imperative to provide more than a glimpse of your product to drive more traffic.

Have you ever found a handbook describing “how to use” an interesting aspect to look forward to while unboxing your product? No right? When you reach out to a global audience, it’s the demonstration that sells. When the product features are described along with their use and the value it adds to the consumer’s life in a visual format, it leaves little to no work on the buyer’s end except for making the purchase, creating a sense of effortlessness!

Let us walk through some tips and facts on creating an efficient product video!

Develop a Script

Create a framework of the flow of your video containing the essential details like the story, product features, angles, directions of use, testimonials, music, message, etc. Obtain a clear insight into the timeline and ingredients your video will contain.

While creating the script, answer the ‘What?’ question before going after the ‘How?’ element. For instance, if you make a video for a helmet, establish what type of accidents it will protect users from before going into how.

State Your Motive

Your video’s content and tonality bank on the question of ‘What?’ is it that you are trying to achieve from this visual practice? There are various motives to present a product video like lead generation, brand awareness, engagement, etc. Multiple filters and templates are available in relevance to the desired message. You can use them to present a clear and precise motive.

It is also advised to have captions on your videos to ensure your motive is clear, even for those with hearing impairments. Platforms like BIGVU enable you to add captions to your videos with a single click.

Address Your Target Audience

One of the essential thumb rules of marketing your product is to know your target audience, but that is not it. When the bands take a tour, they address the crowd by the name of their location, which creates a subconscious communication at a personal level. 

The same is suggested for product videos. You need to communicate with your audience at a personal level. Everyone watching the video should feel as if it was created specifically for them. For instance, you can use first-person language for direct communication. Similarly, if your product targets a specific niche, let’s say people between 20 to 35 years, use phrases like “Millenials like you.”

Adopt Technology

There is a raging crowd of tech-savvy, ambitious individuals creating mesmerizing content using top-notch technology tools constantly pushing the industry standards of Audio Visual marketing. In a tech service industry with such a pace, delivering professionally crafted content is the key to keeping you on the race track of such fierce competition. However, the bliss of technology is a boon for everyone out there. 

You no longer need to be an expert on high-tech editing tools to produce quality content. Production software now enables everyone to create professional videos quickly, even with smartphones. With tech-accelerated apps like BIGVU, you can integrate synced captions, titlings, background music, and prompter capabilities within a few clicks.

Provide Context

Flattery is yesterday’s news. Today, product marketing is not just about praising your product but a lot more than that. The new-age consumers rectify what you serve for cues like social harmony, environmental sustainability, community expectations, etc. 

Today, you are marketing your product, the organization’s persona, and a brand that resonates with your audience. Consequently, context will open a goldmine of engagement.

Call to Action

The purpose of the video is to keep your audience engaged and engrossed in what you present to them, but this is no movie. A call to action is the perfect end to your script, as the end goal of the video is to receive some communication or action from the audience’s end.

The most common yet effective calls to action include:

  • Contact us
  • Download our thing
  • Buy our stuff
  • Subscribe to our mailing list
  • Visit our website


Try to be honest, unique, and human while creating an effective and engaging product video. Emphasize your efforts toward being supportive and highlighting your product’s exceptional selling value. The majority of customers aren’t paying attention to your every move. They want to know the essential features of your product and how to purchase it, and a compelling product video is the best way to do that.

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