Top 5 Tips To Help You Stay Safe While Surfing The Internet

It is high time that we add one more staple along with food, clothes, and water.

The internet!

Oftentimes we are scared to see the amount of time we spend over the internet because we might think it is impossible.

However, it is not.

Because it is not just the entertainment, we are working on. Our work, especially after the pandemic and the whole world on lockdown, lived and breathed the internet.

So, the internet is a staple that is established, but what about safety?

The internet is a blessing, but it can easily turn into a curse if we are the victim of malware activity.

There are hackers sitting in front of the screen, just waiting for someone to be careless so that they can breach all their data and infiltrate their system.

Since we are the most vulnerable over the internet, one wrong move is a jackpot for hackers.

Then what do we do?

Why Is It Important To Be Careful

Imagine yourself surfing through the internet.

Well, no need to imagine since you are probably doing that right now while you are reading this article.

You have your IP address on display.

What if a hacker gets access to it and decides to steal all your data?

Your IP address is like the key to a treasure, and they will be able to do a lot with just that information.

Even when you are planning your movie night and downloading your favorite movies from ipiratebay.org, at every step, you need to be careful so that you and your data are protected from the prying eyes of cybercriminals.

Keep reading as we will discuss the tips which can protect you while online browsing.

Tips To Help You Stay Safe Over The Internet

These are some of the experts collected and compiled to help you stay safe while browsing.

1. Use VPN

We cannot stress this point enough, but you should always use Virtual Private Network (VPN). This is your own network which is hidden from the hackers. Mostly a VPN will hide your IP address to protect your online presence.

VPN also helps you surf through the content blocked in your countries safely and protect yourself from bandwidth throttling done by ISP.

Before you download anything from the internet, it is important to scan the downloading link to understand the status.

With good antivirus software, you will be able to avail this feature. 

Sometimes when you are downloading something from pirate bay, you can come across malware links that can exponentially harm your system.

3. Use Antivirus

No matter how much or how little you browse over the internet. Having a good antivirus is essential for your PC.

Just note that you should never avail antivirus services for free. It is a one-time investment, and we suggest you install impressive software.

So, coming back to internet usage. Even if you are just downloading one software from the internet, you should run that downloaded file over your Antivirus before you install it on your PC.

4. Do Not Click On Shady Ads

We learn, and we grow!

I am sure we have all done this. For example, click on a shady advertisement which redirects us to another suspicious page, and then suddenly our computer is slow.

These advertisements have hidden links that take us to pages with malware activities. As a result, even when you click out, it isn’t much help because your system is already infected.

5. Choose Strong Passwords

This is high time that you stop giving easy and very predictable passwords!

Yes, I am talking to you. You have your Facebook password as ‘I2345’.

You don’t know how many social media platforms are hacked because of these predictable passwords. Thus, you should give a strong password and make it a little more complicated with characters and numbers. 

Practice Safe Surfing!

Do not wait to confront a malware activity that steals most of your data. You should start being careful even if you haven’t faced anything.

Incorporate safe browsing practices whenever you are over the internet.

Prevention is always better than cure!

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