How to Use Microsoft Word Researcher for Essays and Papers

Microsoft Word is a common word processing tool used by millions of users. It has a feature called the Microsoft Word Researcher that can benefit a lot of students who need to work on an essay. In this article, you will learn about this tool and how to use it for your school or college papers.

About Microsoft Researcher

Bing runs the Researcher tool. Therefore, it allows you to research articles and concepts directly via the Bing Search Engine. In addition, it lets you filter out journals and websites which can be used for referencing or writing.

When searches appear, you can get some information about a source. The details you get often include an overview, images, and location.

These features appear so that you do not have to leave the word processing application. Apart from these options, the Researcher allows you to reference materials and create an outline for an article. All these features make local SEO and research easier. In addition, this option is available on all newer versions of Microsoft Word and Microsoft 365.

Using Microsoft Word Researcher

This tool is quite straightforward and easy to navigate. You will find it under the Reference in the Word app. Once you click on the tab, you will see the option “Researcher.” Clicking on this option opens up a window with a search box where you can type in anything and search it. Once you search, the research appears as Relevant Topics and Top Sources.

Relevant Topics

Depending on what you are looking for, you may only get a few Relevant Topics. If you are looking for more information, you can click on “More topics” to access more sources. Additionally, you will find a block section containing information. The structure within the block section is ideal for creating an outline of an article.

Making an outline is usually the easy part. As a student, filling the spaces between headings and subheadings requires expertise. GrabMyEssay is an excellent platform that has specialist writers who can do just that – write a nice essay for you. If you order a paper from this platform, you will get a quality paper delivered on time.

Top Sources

If you like to get more sources, click on Top Sources. This section contains websites, journals, articles, and books. Selecting any of these options brings out more details about the selection. Also, you can filter the Top Sources by clicking the “All topics” dropdown option. Once it opens, you can select the option you want. The selection you get under the “All topics option” depends on what you are searching for.

In general, you can access a lot of sources from the window in Microsoft Word. However, some sources may require you to open on a browser. Clicking the link to the source opens on the default browser.

Other Features of the Researcher

There are various other things you can do with the Researcher. These features are highlighted below.

  • Add a topic – you are able to directly add a topic from the Researcher onto the document page.
  • Add Headings – you can add a heading by clicking the plus sign next to a heading.
  • Add an image – you can add other items to a document, lie an image or text. Like the headings, you can click on the plus sign next to the picture you want to add.
  • Add text – You can add other items such as text by highlighting it. After highlighting the text, a dialog box comes out, which lets you add the text or the text with citations.


Microsoft Word Research is an excellent tool for students and professionals. It allows you to search for materials relevant to your work or study. Additionally, you may add an article outline using this tool. Similarly, you can add a topic, headings, images, and text to the document file. The functionality of this tool is perfect for creating essays, and we hope that more students will discover this software soon.

About the Author

Charlotte Banks is known for helping students with their academic queries. She writes informative online articles for her audience to enjoy and learn from. When she is not writing, Charlotte loves to read and travel.

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