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The Best Student Software in 2022

The learning process has become inconceivable without technology, apps, and online resources. They help students achieve their learning goals more effectively and efficiently.

Research has shown that the adoption of advanced software systems by higher-education institutions has led to improved education services for students.

There is no shortage of student software offers on the market. We have reviewed the most popular ones to give you a clear sense of the advantages they offer. Check out our top picks below.

Google Drive

Google Drive tops our list as a free cloud-based storage service. It has revolutionized the way we work with content. Its ability to sync documents, photos and other files has accelerated the business processes for all users. Students can access their files through PCs, mobile devices, or tablets, with changes and edits reflected and stored irrespective of the source.

When college assignments become too onerous to deal with, students order do my research paper for me services from reliable online writing websites. Alternatively, they can use Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides included in Google Drive to write papers themselves. These are the equivalents of MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. While the Google products do not have all the features and capabilities of the latter options, it has other, more important benefits.

With the auto-save function, students no longer need to worry about losing changes. What’s more, Google products allow multiple users to review, edit, or make changes to the same file as per their access levels. This is super convenient!

Adobe Photoshop

Students use Adobe Photoshop to create unmatched effects and graphics for their photos. The software allows users to edit, save, and organize images. Unfortunately, the company does not offer discounts to students as part of its subscription plan. However, given the amazing features of the software, it is worth every cent you pay.

For instance, the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription plan gives you access to over 20 applications. These include Adobe Illustrator (a graphics editor) and Premiere Pro (a video editor). You can also download over 10 stock images a month.

Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft Office has its own army of loyal, die-hard customers. And there is a reason for it. It seems to have been around for ages. With regular updates and tweaks, the software continues to offer premier features and options. They are enjoyed by students interested in creative writing and working on multiple college assignments.

Microsoft Office Online is a somewhat truncated version of Microsoft’s popular Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Teams programs. Create a free Microsoft account to access them online. For all features and functionality, you’ll need to subscribe to a paid version. The software allows users to sync their files with OneDrive.


Canva has earned a great reputation for its image editing and design features. The free version is powerful enough to meet your basic needs. For the full range of templates and functions, users pay regular subscription fees. This is a smart investment if you work on image design professionally. The software is also your top choice for social media posts, stories, business presentations, or visit cards.

Windows Defender Antivirus

No matter which software you choose, you need reliable antivirus software to protect your work from viruses and hackers. For students, this is even more important because they use different devices and networks to access their files.

Microsoft Defender Antivirus is our top pick because it’s free and powerful enough to deal with most threats effectively. It’s not perfect (no antivirus software is), but its online and offline options give you maximum possible protection.

Final Thoughts

Take time to review our top picks to manage your studies effectively. They offer a broad range of features and functions that allow easy access, multiple revisions, and secure storage. Invest in subscription plans to add more functionality.


Charlotte Banks is an experienced writer, blogger, and computer scientist. She has investigated the correlation between the use of technology and students’ academic success. Thousands of students have benefited from Charlotte’s crisp analyses, practical tips, and regular updates.

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