How to choose a suitable domain name

Finding a good domain name is crucial if you want to build an online store or a website that should be accessible and straightforward. It is easy to be led in the wrong direction or to encounter resistance, even though you have already decided on a domain. There are certain things to consider when choosing a domain.

The search for the perfect domain is tough with nearly 2 billion websites online. So how do you choose the right name for your website?

What is a domain name?

First, we need to clarify what a domain name is and what it contains: Your domain is your digital address. When surfing the Internet, you are connected to websites via IP address. The IP address of the server is stored on so-called name servers to be able to access the website content. However, since IP addresses are difficult to remember and make no logical sense, websites are identified in the browser by a domain name.

What does a domain name contain?

third-level second-level top-level

A domain consists of three elements and is to be read from back to front, what is called the designation top-, second-, and third-level domain. The top-level domain contains the domain extension, the second-level domain includes the name of the website, and the third-level domain consists of the subdomain/hostname.

How to find the right domain name

In the following, a checklist is introduced that will help you to review your ideas and search for a suitable domain name.

 Check 1: Does your domain name have the right length?

One of the most important rules is quite simple: short domains are better than long ones. Firstly, the probability of mistyping a domain name is lower if it is short and concise. Secondly, it is easier to remember. And thirdly, it is faster to type a short domain, which is especially relevant for smartphone users.

 Check 2: Does the top-level domain fit my project?

The top-level domain is an important criterion for many users to judge how serious a site is. The “.com” domain extension is one of the most popular extensions worldwide.

Therefore, it is possible that your desired domain name with “.com” is already taken. This does not necessarily mean that you have to think about a new domain name. This is because you can also choose another top-level domain name like “.io”, “.net”, “.org” or among others.

 Check 3: Does the top-level domain match my business?

If you choose a domain that is indicative of your company, people will instantly recognize what your business is about. However, at best it should contain highly ranked keywords to be more effective. This does not only demonstrate to the customers what your business is all about but has also a positive impact on SEO.

 Check 4: Is the desired domain still available?

On the websites of hosting providers you can check whether the desired domain name is still available.

 Check 5: Does the domain name infringe on naming rights?

Throughout the creative process of finding a name for your website, legal protection should not be neglected. When searching for a domain name, similar rules must be observed when choosing a company name. It is essential to check whether the desired domain name has already been registered as a trademark.

Everyone is free in their choice of domain. But you should consider things in advance to avoid legal or search engine-relevant traps.

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