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Facing Buffering While Watching A Movie? How To Stop

You’re back from a long hard day, prepared to watch that movie. The thought of relaxation has pushed you through the day to finish your work early and reach home. Get some delicious takeout, and sit with a glass of wine to enjoy that movie.

But, there is a big damper on all your plans. It hasn’t stopped buffering for the last five minutes.


Instantly all your good mood is down the drain.

Don’t we all hate it when this happens? Then what are we going to do?

Are we going to sit there sulking for another ten minutes? Throw the remote very aggressively at the television screen. Try to find out what has happened? I think the last solution is the most sensible one. 

Let’s dive in!

Why Is It Happening & How To Stop

Here are some of the common reasons why you must be facing constant buffering when you are watching a movie online and the obvious solutions.

1. It Is In HD

Are you watching your movie in full HD? There is a possibility that your internet connection is unable to handle the high-definition video. So, the apparent solution is to decrease the quality of the video.

However, if you want to enjoy the video in HD, then why not download it in full HD from RARBG. You can download all the latest movies and series from here as well. 

2. It Is The OTT Platform

Sometimes it is nothing that you can do; it could simply be the OTT platform that is glitching and preventing smooth streaming. An obvious solution would be to check whether there are other platforms offering the same movie or again download the movies from beforehand.

3. Your Router Is Too Far

If your router is in one corner of the house and you are sitting in another, maybe cause some obstruction to a smooth connection. Try to sit near the router when you are watching something high definition, or you can even use ethernet as it brings the internet connection directly to the device. 

4. Too Many Tabs & Windows

Are you watching it on your laptop? Have you checked your browser history? If you have too many tabs or windows open, and there is too much going on in the background, then the internet connection is not concentrating on the streaming movie. Clear out everything before you stream the movie. 

5. The Weather

Before you get all worked up to call your ISP, have you checked the weather outside? Is it heavy rain or probably thunder? These are natural elements that can cause problems in the internet connection. At times even your ISP provider cannot do anything, and you simply have to wait it out. That is just sheer back luck!

6. Bandwidth Throttling

This is a nasty trick that most ISPs do. They will throttle the bandwidth to ensure that there is no congestion in the locality or to make you upgrade to a better package. Not saying that is what is happening. But, there is no harm in finding out more. 

7. You Need An Upgrade

Sometimes you have been on the internet plan for more than two years. Understand that the world upgrades as well, so maybe it is high time for an upgrade. With an upgrade, you will be able to enjoy a much faster internet connection and sit through movies in a row. 

8. Wrong VPN

Although we are all often encouraged to use VPNs, using a free VPN can backfire. If you are not using a credible VPN with a monthly payment, there could be some internet issues from time to time. This is because some of the free ones are shady and not the right sources to use.

9. Too Many Devices

If you are congesting your own bandwidth, that could be a major reason for all the buffering. Disconnect all the other devices which are connected to the router, and you will see an instant difference in your internet speed.

Always Download!

So, has it stopped buffering?

If not, call your ISP immediately and get to the root of this problem. After all, you wouldn’t want this to happen again, right?

Next time, when it comes to movies, simply download them. 

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