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Need IT admin? CIO? Tech desk? What technician should you choose?

Hiring a tech person for your office could be challenging. Do you hire a 9-5’er for all your tech needs from printer setups to cloud file sharing? Or does your enterprise require a CIO who will hire his/her own desktop support techs. Perhaps, you need an IT helpdesk who can be using a ticket system to handle all of the IT requests.

Whatever the option is that works best, it’s prudent that you first figure out where your organization is and and where it’s expected in 3 – 5 years. Your growth expectations for your company should be in the same direction as your tech support. For instance, if your company is looking to grow from 20 to 50 employees in the next year, then, you should look to hire an onsite technician to be able to help scale your IT administration. Nowadays, your tech back-end is fundamental to your daily productivity.

Let’s bring up a few scenarios of the nature of a company and then propose a tech solution for each one. Of course, these are all generalizations and each company is still unique as per user requirements, how much IT interaction is needed per user, what amount of tech will be run hands-free, and so on.

1 – 5 user Accounting office

Well, as we know accountants start freaking out around April, tax time. During the other part of the year, around-the-clock work is usually unnecessary. Here, I’d propose an as-needed tech support during the quieter 3 quarters with possibly a 2 hour x 3 days a week during the busy quarter. This will allow the accounting firm to have peace of mind knowing a tech person is there to handle quick IT issues as well as ensure everything is running perfectly.

50-user Start-up – Design – PR Firm

IT is crucial in this field. With 50 users, that’s enough to tip to scale to have either a full-time IT onboard or at the least, weekly maintenance for a tech to visit during known hours. Even when things don’t break, it’s key to have an IT person present during remote video presentations, conference room presentations, and to be involved with client projects for expedited tech productivity.

100+ Corporate – Law – Enterprise

A full-time IT admin is necessary here. Per diem IT requests to be outsourced would not be effective here. Time is critical and techs systems need to be running 100% of the time. The in-house tech needs to be present for times disaster strikes. More importantly, the IT admin needs to perform disaster recovery, ensure files are backed up, take care of cyber protection security, and ensure the daily workflow for clients and the intraoffice onboarding plus logistics are on point.

Multiple offices – satellite office

Depending on the size of the office and if there’s a main IT overseas or from the headquarters office handling things, a tech will either be needed full-time, part-time, or as needed. Typically, we see a main IT admin overseas who has already devised the network, requiring periodic weekly onsite maintenance as well as hands on deck when remoting in is not possible.

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