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HP Solution Center not working on Windows 10? Don’t worry, we have solutions for you!

HP Products are being used worldwide as the most trusted and reliable devices. It has become one of the largest technology companies in the world through its consistent innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction. They are well known for their webOS operating system, which has been installed on millions of devices worldwide. HP sells many different products for home and business use including computers, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, printers, monitors, and other accessories such as inkjet cartridges, etc.

But everything needs a Repair at some point. 

It’s been noticed that some users are facing a problem that their HP solution center is not working on Windows 10 and they are unable to use printers!!

Are you the one who is also facing the same issues with your HP Solution Center? Then don’t worry you are at the right place.

HP Solution Center is the software that is programmed to manage HP printers and it was coming up with the HP devices that were manufactured before 2010. The Flash software is supposed to be active on your system when you are trying to use the HP Solution Center. As the new technologies are taking the place of old technologies and the Flash is no longer supported by industry and it caused the HP Solution Center to have problems. 

But don’t worry if you are also facing a problem and HP Solution Center is not working on your windows 10 then there are still some solutions and with their help, you can continue to use these services.                                            

We have gathered some useful information and techniques that will help you to solve this problem but make sure you are following each step correctly as it could also lead to another problem in your PC. 

So, here are some steps to follow.

Make sure your BIOS is updated:

The BIOS is the important element that ensures that new updates and current components can work together. Before updating Windows 10, installing the most recent BIOS on your computer can help ensure a smooth update and stop any problems from recurring.

HP Performance tune-up:

For clearing up space on your computer HP Performance Tune-Up can help your system to run more efficiently and allow updates to download and install. Your PC will be analyzed and optimized by Performance Tune-Up Check to fix system freeze issues and boost performance. It will also remove the useless temporary files from your PC and will help to sort out some issues related to the HP solution center as well. 

Make sure you have updated Drivers:

Drivers play a vital role to make any device work correctly. if you don’t have the updated drivers installed then you will continue to see lots of issues. A successful Windows update depends on having an updated graphic driver, and failing to do so will have negative effects. Therefore, even before performing the Windows update, you must make sure that the most recent graphic drivers are installed on your machine.

Download and install the Windows update:

The main and important thing, in the end, is to have your windows updated. It is preferred to set the updates on automatic checking so once there is any update for your windows it will notify you. 

How will you update the windows?

1-     You just need to search Windows Updates on the Search bar 

2-     Click on Search for Updates 

3-     Click on Download and Install Updates

(Pictures are attached for reference)

Picture 1.   

Picture 2.

These are the basic steps that one can follow if they are facing issues in the HP Solution Center. However, if the problem persists and you are unable to use your printer then it is always preferred to take help from experts and professionals. Nicelocal is the platform where a number of hp repair centers are available for HP printer repairs and HP solution center problems.  


Many users are facing the problem as their HP Solution Center is not working on windows 10 and they are unable to use the printing services properly on their devices. In this article, we have provided some basic steps to work on to solve this problem at home by updating bios, drivers, and windows and cleaning up your pc but some people can still face the problem. 

So, don’t worry there are several HP Repair Centers available. You can just go there and their expert team will solve your problem professionally and effectively in a quick time. Check for the Nearest hp repair center in your area and keep enjoying your HP printer services. 

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