Bulk repairs on computers – medical devices – kiosks – phones – tablets

Since 2000, we have been fortunate to partner with many clients to carry through bulk repairs. One typical support scenario has been taking on 10,000+ iPads from a luxury brand company to replace cracked screens. Another example has been to carry through an international headquarters’ 7,500+ Microsoft Surface repairs within 40 US divisions. One more instance is supporting 4,500+ Android Life Alert devices. Yet, another example is repairing 1,500+ kiosks’ motherboards so they can be used as selfie booths in parties. One last example is supporting several big box stores in NYC in performing all of their out-of-warranty computers, phones, tablets, VRs, cameras, and projectors. You may think the stores are repairing your devices. Nope. That’s typically New York Computer Help in NYC and many other states.

It’s truly been a blessing supporting bulk computer repairs within NYC. When we first started performing repairs, it was B-to-C repairs. Then, we developed an enterprise-level CRM system and formula. A few repair centers later along with a tech team that works like family, we are able to fully specialize in bulk repairs.

Why us?

Good question, but easy answer here. Our techs are seriously geniuses in their own rights. Plus, the TLC they put in every repair is second to none. Overall, our shift leaders right a tight ship and strategy. Incentives push the whole team. I can go on and on. The bottom line is you are reading this now because you are probably in need of a tech repair, install, migration, setup, or something tech-wise in bulk. Whether it’s a cookie-cutter device, or a home-bred invention, we take care of all repairs.

Do you support proprietary devices?

No problem! Most recently, we were tasked with replacing 3,000 batteries on a proprietary life alert Android medical device.

Another proprietary device we support on a bulk scale is a selfie booth in the way of a kiosk.

Inside the kiosk is a full computer, but the computer initially kept on having failures connecting to the touch screen along with the webcams. Once our techs were able to reengineer the wiring, the kiosks now are more stable, preventing shutdowns during important bar mitzvahs, weddings, and events.

As you can see, we’re able to carry through bulk repairs, but we also want to see our clients succeed. As such, we’re always happy to provide the best tech strategy for products, improving upon the solution for future use.

As for big box stores, many Staples, Best Buy, Circuit City, and others you bring your computers and devices to won’t tell you they have a silent tech partner.

Yup, we handle hundreds of big box stores returns and out-of-warranty repairs on a daily basis.

Companies love using us even when their Dell, Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo, or HP warranties are still current. Why? Because manufacturers are a time-waster when it comes to getting in-warranty repairs. Why do you think you speak with so many departments when calling the manufacturer. They want you to give up! Plus, the latest turn-around time we’ve been hearing from Dell alone has been 2 months for a repair to be performed. Either inefficiency or lack of parts lead to this issue. On our end, we always aim to fix the part directly without the need of a part replacement. The manufacturer first looks to replace your whole device, forcing you to lose your data. Not us, we get you need it fast and with your data.

Enterprises supporting multiple branches and thousands of users happily use us.

We are able to receive their users’ shipped devices to either fix and return or replace quickly with a spare unit. Further, our ticketing system allows us to work hand-in-hand with clients so communication is transparent and up to date every step of the way. Many international companies look to New York Computer Help for supporting their United States users.

The take-away here is you don’t have to suffer with your current manufacturer support or worry how to support it internally. We are in our 3rd decade of tech support and have already perfected the bulk repair support strategy. Let us handle your next load so you can have peace of mind taking care of your regular operations at hand.

Joe Silverman, CEO of New York Computer Help

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