SOHO MacBook Repair – Is the Apple Store the only place to go to?

Well, that was a loaded question. Nope!

Apple SOHO building for computer repair

Look, Admittedly, the Apple store geniuses have gotten more down to earth and not as G-d-like as they once were. However, the pricing and red tape are heavier than ever.

Let’s look at a common scenario of how the Apple store fared against a local NYC SOHO Apple repair center, New York Computer Help, that has one of its centers a half a block away from the Apple SOHO store.

Customer’s MacBook issue: Sadly, my MacBook Pro took a beer on it last night. Now, it won’t start up. I only purchased it a few months ago so it should be under AppleCare still.

Beer spill on MacBook

Apple SOHO store response: Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that dude. Our policy states that any liquid exposure is not covered by your Apple 1-Year Limited Warranty. But, great news, here’s a new MacBook that only costs $2,500!

Customer’s reply: But, what about my family photos? And my work files?

Apple SOHO store response: Well, you can buy a new MacBook. Yours is 3 years old which is not able to handle the latest apps. And I’m sure your iCloud backup is up to date, right?

Customer’s reply: OMG, I’m gonna lose everything. I can’t believe it! I’ll need to find a place that will actually recover my files and hopefully knows how to repair a computer.

Customer proceeds to look for MacBook Repair in SOHO or MacBook data recovery in SOHO and finds New York Computer Help

Customer inquires: I have a MacBook with the drive built into the logic board. Apple cannot fix it nor recover the files. Can you?

Customer reply: Amazing! Let’s do it!

New York Computer Help: Sure, we do it all the time. We can repair your logic board directly to not only fix your MacBook, but will save your files simultaneously. And it’s guaranteed. If not possible, no charge.

MacBook logic board repair to fix computer and recover files

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed our play of Apple and a local Apple repair center, New York Computer Help. Please note this was a real life experience of a customer. Also please note that the Apple SOHO store openly refers New York Computer Help for data recovery as well as out-of-warranty Apple repairs. We enjoy working with Apple and complimenting them and our customers for the betterment of having working computers.

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