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Building a Custom PC Computer: What’s the Most Important Requirement?

liquid cooling custom pc build - building a custom pc computer

Custom PC computers are becoming like luxury cars. Lots of muscle, flair, and good looks. But, just like a Ferrari or Lamborghini, you’ll need to make sure the ride is sweet and smooth as well. Just like a sports car, it’s not just about colors and bright lights.

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The GPU is the most important requirement, right?

The first thing our customers lead with when spec’ing out their dream machine is a graphics card a.k.a. GPU or graphics processing unit. There’s nothing wrong with that. After all, that pretty much dictates 50 – 75% of the overall budget of the build. So, if you look at it, the GPU will lead to how much the overall system will cost you. But, there’s a more important requirement you’ll need to think about with your Custom PC build.

What about storage space?

Storage oddly enough is not the most important task here. If you asked me this 10 years ago, it would probably be totally the opposite. Why? Hard drives have chock-full of TB’s nowadays. A decade ago, chipmakers weren’t savvy enough to come up with ways to go beyond parameters to provide enough storage. Also, the majority of folks are playing games or storing files online. So, this is really not the most important requirement. That being said, if you are working with critical files on your hard drive, be sure to have a good back-up strategy to avoid costly data recovery expenses.

Cooling a custom PC build

And the most important Custom PC build requirement is: Cooling

That’s right, cooling. This means that you’ll want to ensure your internals are running at proper benchmark temps without overheating.

Keep in mind overheating will, in effect, cause the following issues:

Slow-down of games and programs

Sudden shutdowns

Prevent powering of computer

Cause degradation of motherboard, GPU, and other components

So, be sure and focus on the best cooling of your system possible.

Here are a few things to focus on to properly cool your custom PC:

Large enough case to hold components for solid pass-through ventilation

Enough peripheral case fans for great air flow

An appropriately sized air cooler

Liquid cooling is the best if budget allots for it.

Let’s talk about liquid cooling.

Apart from it looking kick-ass awesome, it is the best way to cool a custom PC. Why? It has a way to evenly distribute heat over the surface area of the internals, allowing for reduced fan speeds and better acoustics. In turn, it allows the PC to run more efficiently and quieter. That being, said, it’s not the only solution and there are still ways, in combination with case fans and a solid air cooler, to still have optimal air flow and cooling.

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