iPhone 14 Pro Max vs iPhone 13 Pro Max: Is the iPhone 14 Pro Max worth it?

For this iphone service discussion, we’ll be looking specifically at the iPhone Pro Max 14 vs the previous 13 version. On a selfish note, I’m a Pro Max user and have always had the biggest phone available. I used it as my phone, but 95% as my second computer really. So, for all iPhone support intensive purposes here, I’m weighing the pros of cons. With that, we’ll both be able to see if it makes sense to upgrade to the iPhone 14 Pro…or just to stay put with the iPhone 13 Pro Max if the features don’t push me over the edge.

What does Apple tout?

The iPhone 14 Pro Max has an enhanced design. It’s thicker albeit the same height and width, but overall you’ll see and feel the difference.

There’s what’s called surgical-grade stainless steel, the same glass back you’re used to, and built solid. It’s built so solid that it actually weighs more. Well, I see the heavier weight as a minus obviously. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is aluminum and the 14 is steel.

The SIM difference.

We’re all used to the physical SIM card. On the US version of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, we will now experience the new eSIM. I’m actually excited about this. Instead of switching your SIM card from old to new iPhone, you simply through the magical iCloud account universe of Apple may magically transfer over the eSIM info over. Maybe not the biggest deal to some, but I think the transition over will be easier. The only downside here is when traveling…if you travel to Europe and want an international SIM card for the week or two, what do you do? Battle the Apple e-G-ds to give you a temporary eSIM. So, in hindsight here and after analysis, I’m not so sure i’m so enamored by the new eSIM switch.

The Dynamic Island is awesome!

Finally, the iPhone 14 Pro Max takes full advantage of the full beautiful iPhone screen. The Dynamic Island just means it finally utilizes the full top screen. It’s about time. In it, you’ll be able to search, use Apple Pay, use the timer. Think about Notifications, but on this one, really using quick tasks. Not bad at all, nice feature for sure.

How’s the performance?

An upgrade to the A16 bionic chip give this new iPhone a speed bump up overall. Call of Duty Mobile plays without a hitch and best of all, we haven’t noticed the back of the iPhone burning up at all. Also, the battery will last an hour longer. Meh!

SOS upgrade

In case of emergencies and you have not signal wherever you are, there is an Emergency SOS via satellite that you may access. This would come in handy if hiking, your car gets suck, or you just have no signal and need to get in touch. Also, there’s a Car Crash Detection feature so that you can designate your emergency contacts to get a warning if you have a severe impact alert.

And now we talk about the cameras

As always, the Max is about the cameras. Showcasing a 48MP camera and 12MP selfie cam, these lenses allow you to work with low-light photography easily.

Overall, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is worth upgrading to if you’ve been waiting for the full screen maximization; emergency features; and the photography enhancements.

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