In the future, will we even need laptops and computers any more?

I get this question a lot. And well, I’ve pondered this question since my first iPhone 3GS. That was the time that apps and music were finally becoming intertwined.

Nowadays, we use our iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Huawei, or other smartphone to carry through about 85% or higher of our everyday tasks. I say everyday tasks, not only computer service related tasks. Whether it’s email, a post, a snap, a text, a Google search, a restaurant review check, or another quick interaction point, we are on the phone doing it. Our phones are fast, easy, accessible, and most of all, instant. Phones are in our hands, pockets, or bags. They are at hand’s reach.

What’s my take?

Yes, in the next decades to come, phones will get even bigger, and be relied on every more. However, computers will still be required. Why? Computers have gotten more advanced because our tasks have gotten more advanced. When computers first came out, they were kind of a joke. Wow, look, I can draw lines to create a sketch pad via BASIC or PASCAL. Nowadays, mechanical engineers and high-end designers require heavy duty computers to output renderings of building models. Phones are still incapable of such work requirements.

Will phones be able to catch up with computer capabilities?

Perhaps on a gigabyte storage basis or speed basis, yes. But, graphics cards a.k.a GPUs are still required for video intensive work projects or even gaming. The graphics chip on phones are solid in terms of the visuals, but they would certainly lag and overheat if trying to keep up with custom PC desktops. On a laptop comparison, I can see smartphones keeping up with the low-end laptop lines. For the laptops where the video is onboard an not a separate, dedicated graphics card, the smartphones will most likely catch up. But only, if the phone support screens get to the 10-inch level. And yes, as far fetched as that sounds, I do believe the phones will trump tablets before we know it. iPhones will usurp iPads as Tim Cook’s future predecessor takes the reigns. And other phone lines will forgo their sibling tablet lines for bigger phones. Surely, the phones will be more expensive and that will give good reason to stand on their own two feet as the sole mobile line.

Do you think my prediction is ridiculous? I’m interested to hear your thoughts. Let me know.

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