8 useful resources to fight scam calls

However, it is a fact that commercial calls and telemarketing have also become onslaught, since personal data currently experiences more privacy vulnerability than ever before in history as it constitutes an attractive, and lucrative business for brands.

Since its invention more than a century ago, the telephone has been a revolutionary addition to our lives. And since its introduction, seems like blocking calls has been an integral part of using it. Currently, many of our mobile devices have become essential and fundamental elements in our lives, whether for work, looking for a job, keeping in touch with friends and family, making innovative video calls for free, or having new alternatives for leisure and entertainment.

Due to this and to avoid this kind of annoying calls, we have decided to make a list of resources to fight them. Here are 8 useful resources to fight scam calls:

1. Phone Warrior:

We start our list of applications to block calls with an application with an epic name, which is Phone Warrior. You might think that when someone unwanted calls you, your smartphone draws a sword and runs to that person to kindly suggest that they stop picking on the owner.

But it is not like that in reality, it does the same job as other blocking apps. To be able to block SMS, unfortunately, you will have to set this app as default for messages, but for calls, it is like the rest of the apps.

To block calls from a certain number, you must click on a call and then choose ‘Block calls’. In this pop-up menu, you can also call that number, send an SMS, delete it or obtain information about it.

2. Truecaller:

The second application that we bring you to block unwanted calls is the application designed for Android with a high rating among users. It is very useful to identify unknown calls or block unwanted SMS.

With Truecaller, you can filter out anything you don’t want, access their community-based spam list backed by 250 million users, and block spam and telemarketing. In addition, you will be able to see unknown numbers in the call history, among many other features.

3. Calls Blacklist:

The third recommendation that we provide you with is Calls Blacklist. It is quite simple, light, and absolutely complete to block unwanted annoying calls and spam SMSs.

Using this tool, you can easily add any contact number to the blacklists or allow blocking options such as: “Unknown numbers”, “Private Numbers”, or “All calls”. You can also block calls or SMSs by prefix or create a white list so that numbers or messages on this list are never blocked.

4. PhoneHistory:

Our fourth recommendation is PhoneHistory. By using this site, you can uncover a caller’s name, address, personal info, phone history, city, state, and much more. So before picking up or responding, you can make sure you know who is the person on the other side.

5. Whoscall – Caller ID & Block:

Whoscall is another of the best applications to instantly identify and block calls and messages. Its global database provides you with more than 600 million numbers, filters 20 million calls daily, and helps block 500,000 malicious calls.

With it, you can ensure an experience free of spam or harassment, report unknown numbers for the benefit of the community and search for numbers without the need for an internet connection.

6. Call Blocker – Blacklist:

It is a very convenient and manageable application. The few configurations that it requires are really easy to understand and perform, being suitable for any level of user. There is no difficulty in using it.

In addition to being able to block, selectively, calls or text messages on our smartphone, it offers us some added utility. With Call Blocker – Blacklist, we can create a private area where we can have hidden contacts and their call or SMS records. The app also offers a free trial so that you check and test its features before committing to payment and subscription.

7. Mr. Number:

Mr. Number includes in its application, in addition to the blocking system, another one for instant messaging between registered users. A “two-in-one” that turns all its usefulness into blocking calls and messages.

The system to prevent calls and SMS from numbers we don’t want from reaching us is easy to configure and manage. We could point out that Mr. Number is one of the most efficient apps when it comes to managing locks.

Although it seems obvious that its entire instant messaging system, which has little to do with what we are looking for in a call and SMS blocking application, should offer it in a separate app, we can hardly find any objection to Mr. Number in its effective interception of communications.

8. Call Control – Call Blocker:

To finish the list, we introduce you to Call Control which competes for a place among the most effective apps when it comes to managing unwanted calls or messages. It is also a very attractive application visually.

We should note that Call Control is very effective in its work, although we must also point out that an important part of this application is dedicated to the IT services that it offers to its user community and that are only available in the United States.

As a general rule, mobile phones do not usually offer us the possibility of managing calls and selecting which ones we want to receive and which ones we do not. For many users, it would be essential to bring that kind of option in its features, which would make life more pleasant for many, fed up and tired, especially of those telemarketing campaigns.

This is not the only thing that millions and millions of users complain about, some of them wish they could block incoming calls from specific phones, or from those contacts that are no longer so welcome.

Whatever the reason we have, the above call and SMS blocking applications are among the most downloaded and helpful once a user knows about them.

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