10 Tasks That Your Help Desk Support Must Manage

Whenever an IT issue occurs at your business, you lose some productive time. So, you probably wish for someone to manage such things promptly. A professionally managed IT help desk outsourcing can be the best solution.

An IT help desk takes a report of every IT-related issue and fixes them accordingly. Furthermore, the support team will work on strategic procedures to provide an automated solution. So, you can raise an incident through your company’s virtual portal and get it solved.

An IT help desk will save you time. You won’t have to contact a technician or wait for the support to come. So, you can invest more time in productivity.

In this post, we will discuss how help desk outsourcing can benefit your business. We have listed 10 tasks that your support team must manage. It will help you select the right help desk for your business.

10 Tasks Your Help Desk Outsourcing Team Must Manage

The help desk outsourcing companies resolve various technical issues. The service ranges from password resets to managing network security breaches. With any IT problems arising in your company, the help desk will be the first to come forward with a solution. We have compiled a list of 10 tasks that your help desk team must manage.

1. Resets Password 

Password reset is one of the regular tasks in every organization. This kind of work keeps the technicians busy regularly. Moreover, these simple requests waste a lot of productive time throughout the month.

So, your IT help desk should follow an automated password recovery process. Once a service request comes, they automatically will get the required information to resolve the issue. Thus, the request will go to the appropriate technician instantly. 

 2. Hardware Requests

When there is a new hardware request by an employee, the entire process should take minimal time. It includes checking the lifecycle of the existing asset and ordering new hardware like a computer.

The approval process goes to the associated manager. Each step should include an automated to be completed at the earliest.

3. Software Licensing

Hardware requests are a crucial aspect of IT service management that require software licensing. Without a proper solution, it is hard to manage software license compliance. So, your IT help desk should provide asset discovery and management.

It will help the IT teams to identify and track all of the technology assets within the organization.

4. Ticket Routing

Routing a ticket to the right person is one of the most time-consuming aspects. A help desk with a modern solution can efficiently manage these types of requests.

With proper roles and permissions, tickets can automatically reach the appropriate person. It eliminates confusion if there arises a break/fix or service request.

 5. Auditing Technology Assets

As an organization grows, keeping track of hardware or software assets can be a challenging task. 

A complete help desk outsourcing solution provides asset management. It delivers you the asset details needed when planning for new assets. The process also makes it easy to locate and view existing assets.

This process usually begins by deploying a network scanner or discovery agent. It stores all your asset data in real-time into a centralized hub. So, you can analyze these data at any time.

6. Deploying a chatbot to provide instant help

Chat box are a useful part of a help desk team. Through chat box, technicians can provide instant support to the staff. 

Users can also go through help desk articles on various IT-related issues. It will empower them to self-serve, saving time. 

Chat box remain 24/7 open. So, customers receive instant responses. Thus, it enhances the credibility of your company.

7. Disaster Recovery and Support

Your help desk team must be able to handle disaster recovery. The IT support team is the most crucial part of maintaining operations when then there is a crisis. They need to perform a varied roles depending on the type of disaster.

For instance, there may be a burst pipe causing water damage to a company’s servers. In that case, recovering the lost data is the primary task. Similarly, if the staff are unable to reach the office, the IT team will need to set up remote connectivity.

A help desk outsourcing team can be useful to handle such situations. They can also streamline communication to contact the right people in an emergency.

8. Creating a workflow that tracks issues end-to-end

Your help desk support team needs to provide seamless internal support. It is key to a company’s growth. When an issue occurs, both the user and the help desk staff should be able to view the status instantly.

Any help desk staff should be able to react immediately to any ticket at any time. They should be aware of the entire workflow involved in the issue. In that way, they can move the issue promptly toward resolution.

It will help reduce anxiety for everyone involved. Furthermore, it will create a better overall customer support experience. 

9. Providing a knowledge base for self-service 

Most of the time, employees are unaware of whom to report an issue. One won’t find the same person worked with before as the process keeps changing. An internal help desk or information-based workflow helps direct the landing of the query to the right department.

Your help desk outsourcing should provide an option for a knowledge base. It will help people get a quick solution to a simple issue. It will help employees to resolve issues on their own instead of raising a ticket.

This system will reduce the strain on the ITSM team. So, they can utilize more time on solving complicated issues. Besides, it allows your users access to the tools they need to do their jobs.

10. Developing a service catalog

The first thing your IT help desk should do is create a service catalog. It is a roadmap designed keeping the end-user in mind. This book will include all the information about how to open a ticket and request service.

It is crucial to write the catalog in easy-to-understand language. Some of the key information your service catalog should include are:

  • Item name
  • Category (software, hardware, support, infrastructure)
  • Approval structure
  • Cost of service
  • Security and access permissions
  • Issue tracking process
  • Delivery expectations
  • Point of contact for questions


The importance of help desk outsourcing is immense for your business. It will not only resolve the IT-related issues but also smoothen the entire business process. An IT help desk will save you time. You won’t have to contact a technician or wait for the support to come. So, you can invest more time in productive work.


What is help desk service?

An IT service desk works as a single point of contact between a company, its customers, employees, and business partners. The IT service desk assists throughout the entire product lifecycle ensuring prompt help for all users.

What is the difference between the help desk and the service desk?

A help desk focuses on break-fix, which we know as incident management. A service desk assists not only in break-fix but also takes service requests.

Is the service desk higher than the help desk?

In simple words, a help desk comes from a service desk. A service desk came into existence to provide an IT service to end-users while meeting the business goals.

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