Questions To Ask When Choosing A Phone Repair Service Provider

Phones, no matter how premium quality they’re made, are susceptible to damage and breakdowns. Finding the right phone repair service provider is the first step to solving your problem. Thus, you must find out more about them before settling on one. The last thing you’d want is more issues after visiting a repair shop.

For this reason, it’s essential to ask your service provider some questions that help you make an informed decision. Below are six questions to help you choose a phone repair service provider:

  1. What’s Your Expertise?

Experience is critical in this line of work. You should only engage professionals who’ve handled similar issues previously. This way, they’ll use their knowledge to work on fixing your phone. Besides, they should have at least undergone professional training and got certificates.

Another thing you should note is mobile devices get upgraded now and then. Thus, a phone repair course done five or ten years ago may not be valid now. It’s essential for your phone repairer to constantly learn and improve their skills to keep up with trends. So, find out about their latest training and certifications. Right here, you’ll see an example of a phone repair company that takes all its technicians through a thorough screening process and extensive training to work on your devices.

  1. How Long Will I Wait?

The last thing you’d want to have on your plate is waiting to get your phone repaired for weeks or months. For some people, a phone is like an office. For instance, if you run a blog, you may rely on IOS apps to create and publish posts, meaning you can’t dare spend several days without it, lest your audience will notice your absence and feel uneasy.  

Thus, you’d want to have the repairs done quickly. The current industry standard is one-hour repairs, and the company you choose should measure up. Therefore, you can use their turnaround time to assess their level of competence.

Additionally, you can even ask if you can watch them do the repairs. If they’re honest, they shouldn’t have a problem letting you watch them as they go on with their business.

  1. Is There Any Warranty?

You can only be sure about their work if your phone operates normally after the repairs. But a lot can happen during the repairs. For instance, they can fix a non-compatible part of your device. It alone can interfere with your phone’s functionality. As such, it’s vital to find out if they offer any warranty on any harm they cause you.

Some professional repair service providers request you to sign a release absolving them of liability as they repair your phone. Others will explain in their terms and conditions what they’ll do if they damage your phone. Note that they shouldn’t charge you extra for the damage they cause. Therefore, find out their policies before initiating the process. You’ll have peace of mind since it guarantees that the service provider working on your phone repairs believes in their capacity to fix it.

  1. How Much Do You Charge?

It’s only logical to reach out to providers whose charges you can afford. Note that the costs of repairs vary from shop to shop. Your highlight should be finding a service provider with quality services at an affordable rate.

Once they assess your phone’s problem, they should be able to give an estimate. Remember, the cost of repairs varies depending on the magnitude of the damage. For instance, fixing a broken screen will cost more than replacing your phone’s casing. On this account, don’t leave your phone at the repair store without an estimate of the cost. This way, you’ll not have to face the surprise of hidden charges.

  1. How Durable Are The Spare Parts?

Undoubtedly, the question of the quality of spare parts will arise. There are two things about it; authentic and fake components. Service providers can freely source spare parts from manufacturers or on the streets. The manufacturer’s pieces are authentic and durable. You can be confident they’ll perform best on your device. Contrarily, the street components are an imitation and, in most cases, can be fake. Often when these components get fixed on your device, you’ll notice some changes. For instance, if you break your screen and a fake one is fixed on your phone, you’ll have a slow touch response.

Thus, finding where the services provider sources their spare parts is essential. This way, you’ll be sure of the probability of your phone functioning properly and the repairs serving you long enough.

  1. Can I See Any Testimonials?

The service providers should have references or reviews of their work on some common smartphone issues. It helps you gauge their level of competence and expertise. Furthermore, you can tell more about their customer services by reading reviews. The more positive feedback you find, the better their services are likely to be.

Again, you can also find out more about them from their portfolio. For instance, partnerships with phone manufacturers shed more light on their credibility. Alternatively, an award such as the best phone repairer of the year gives more insights into their services. With such testimonials, you’ll be confident in contracting them.


Asking a phone repair service provider some questions is one sure way to gauge their competence and expertise. Being a valuable device, it’s ideal to find the best repair service provider to fix your smartphone. You’ll find excellent services and durable spare parts from them that ensure your phone will generally work after the repairs. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Besides, you aren’t buying a new phone. Thus, go for the service providers with affordable rates that fit your budget. More so, they should provide quality repair services.

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