How To Budget For Tech Upgrades

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Technology upgrades are inevitable for businesses of any size, but keeping up with the costs may not be something all companies can equally afford. For this reason, it may be best to set up a yearly budget to encompass all of the necessary tech expenses.

According to Finances Online, around 56% of a company’s tech budget each year goes toward replacing old or outdated hardware, followed by new projects at 45% and security concerns taking up 39% of the expenses.

These statistics clearly show how important it is for a company to make the necessary provisions for its tech needs. Moreover, a budget will allow for individuating these needs so companies can see how much they have for each. Below are some tips for setting up a budget that won’t leave the company in the dark:

  1. Anticipate Hardware Costs

It is no secret that tech doesn’t come cheap, which may cause many businesses to use outdated hardware like computers, laptops, printers, or routers for as long as possible. Although immediate upgrades won’t always be necessary, the tech will become redundant as newer versions emerge.

For those companies who put off the transition for too long, there could be a hefty bill waiting when they finally have all of their tech replaced. Depending on the size of the expense, companies may opt for some financial assistance like a loan or payment plan. However, companies should carefully consider this route and ask a professional for assistance, especially when they don’t understand if their financial assistance is a small business loan revolving or installment.

  1. Consider Software Upgrades
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Another yearly expense to include in the budget is software. For instance, many will have licensing fees, subscriptions, maintenance, or support costs that can add up relatively quickly and catch companies off guard if they don’t include it in a formal budget.

Team members in various departments will use the software daily to perform their tasks, and some departments may even utilize more than one package. Thus, Geeks For Geeks has put together an article explaining when a company would need a software upgrade and why adding these costs to the budget is essential.

  1. Remember Staff Salaries

Office tech may be complicated to understand for someone without sufficient knowledge about the latest office tech, hence the appointment of an IT staff to help keep the business on top of their tech upgrades. Even smaller companies will need assistance from time to time, and not having a dedicated IT team on standby could mean that there will be expenses for paying a contractor.

Companies can’t get away from tech as they need it for all parts of their business operations and could include essential equipment they need to upgrade regularly. As a result of these frequent upgrades and attention that office tech needs, organizations should remember to add it to their budget accordingly.

  1. Add Project Expenses

In the ever-changing business world, companies are expanding at an alarming rate. With customers demanding more and more from these businesses, they may need to customize their tech upgrades to satisfy the needs of the clients and the staff.

New projects may require various steps to finish, and each would need financial backing, mainly because of the many hours a team would need to customize the product. Moreover, projects can be unpredictable, and the development team may encounter unforeseen issues that will further impact the expense.

  1. Incorporate Contingencies

Business owners and managers will know there are always unpredicted events or accidents that can happen to a business. Whether it is a team member that has a mishap with their laptop or one that unexpectedly stops working, there will have to be a replacement.

Other incidents can include a cyber-attack that causes a data breach or malware spreading through the systems internally that would require immediate attention and funds. Keeping some leeway in the budget for these occurrences would help the company steer through the problem and get everything back on track. 


Office tech updates won’t stop coming anytime soon, especially when there is a massive drive for further development in this market. With this in mind, it is more important to set up a budget for all business needs now than before.

After all, finalizing the finances will provide a safety net for companies to fall back on when you need it most—no more worries about outdated and dilapidated tech that will slow down your business. On the contrary, office tech updates could become something the company will look forward to instead of dreading.

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