Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring a Talented React Native Developer

Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring a Talented React Native Developer

The days of companies being unwilling to take calculated risks have passed. All companies strive to be at the forefront of their industry by constantly improving and adapting to technology. There is a push in the corporate world that encourages organizations to rely less on internal resources and more on external partners for competitive advantage.

In addition to saving money, having access to a multinational workforce, being flexible, and increasing productivity, these are some of the many reasons why firms choose outsourcing. The process of hiring a committed React Native developer is crucial.

The mobile app development architecture of React Native is excellent, but how can you know if the developer is competent? To determine if a programmer is familiar with React Native, what kinds of questions should be asked during an interview? Hiring a developer who isn’t proficient in React Native can only lead to the poor output. Some of the most typical pitfalls that can arise when a company wants to hire React Native developer are discussed below.

When Planning to Hire React Native App Developers: 4 Common Errors to Avoid

1. Recruiting Front-end Developers With Expertise in the Same Field

It’s a typical error that many businesses make when they hire React Native app developers with experience in another front-end technology (such as Angular, Vue, jQuery, etc.) to fill a React developer role. They might decide that it would be simpler to hire an Angular developer and teach them to work with React afterward. These front-end architectures vary from one another, though, and some have a more demanding learning curve. This is a wrong decision for the firm in a situation where they desperately require the expertise of a React developer. Finally, candidates must be proficient with Git and Redux and have a solid foundation in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Additionally, they should be knowledgeable about Node.js and the package manager.

2. Ignoring the Need for a Portfolio

If you’re wondering what recruiters look for in a resume when they’re trying to figure out where to hire a React Native developer, the answer is simple: experience. This, however, is insufficient. Hiring employers can quickly assess a candidate’s skills by requesting samples of their past work in the React framework. Since the React developer is responsible for front-end development meant to enhance the final user’s experience, their portfolio must highlight their keen eye for aesthetics. In addition, by requesting a portfolio of previous work, HR will be able to assess whether or not the React developer’s background is a good fit for the open position. If a developer is applying for a position at a telemedicine firm but has only ever designed the interface for a social network site, they may not have the necessary background for the position. It’s recommended that React developers have a wide variety of projects in their portfolio to demonstrate their skills; therefore, when you plan to hire React Native app programmer, check his/her portfolio.

3. Employing Only From a Certain Region

Forbes estimates that there is a shortfall of up to 40 million skilled developers around the world. Eventually, by the year 2030, this figure is projected to reach 85.2 million. This might cause a revenue loss for businesses of more than $8.4 trillion. However, research from 2021 predicts that knowledge of React will be in great demand. Organizations should go abroad for React developers in nations where local talent is scarce, leading to a shortage of specialists. In its place, businesses may decide to use outsourcing, particularly for time-sensitive tasks.

When planning to hire a React Native developer, ensure you check out other regions, as they will be better professionals to hire at fair prices for quality work.

4. Inability to Think of Outsourcing

Recruitment is a time- and cost-consuming process. Problems with candidates not responding or dropping out during the evaluation phase are common obstacles for hiring managers to deal with. There is still a chance that the ideal React developer the hiring managers have been searching for won’t accept the position. And in many nations, hiring new employees and getting them set up in their new roles can take another six to twelve months. One solution is to find a development partner to help with the time-consuming task of hiring. Choose a reliable system integrator, such as Altoros that can provide specialized teams ready to begin coding within three days of signing the contract.


Most times, employers tend to make some salient mistakes when they want to hire React app developers for their firms. How can you evaluate a developer’s competence in React Native? A developer’s ability directly affects the quality of their product’s output; therefore, it’s essential to hire React Native app developers that have vast developmental knowledge.

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