Computer Repair with a Foreign Computer

 It seems like everyone nowadays own a computer, even a smartphone can be considered a computer to some extent. Therefore, there is an increasing need for skilled computer repair technicians to help customers install hardware and software; diagnose problems; repair corrupted computers; and source data.

Are you a traveler with a business laptop? Our repair centers see laptops from all nations in need of repairs and the biggest culprit of repairs comes down to region-specific fixes such as language-specific keyboards and operating systems. Having locations in NYC that is near all the tourist hot-spots, I get to see tourists from many different countries with the same issues that everyone has everyday with their devices, such as liquid damage from spilling their coffee, or just simply dropping their bag in a manner that will damage their screen or battery.

Repairing US devices in a Foreign Country

There are a lot of international companies that are based in another country but have headquarters in the U.S. Likewise, there are a lot of American companies that have headquarters in foreign countries. Luckily for the U.S., we have people of all nations living here so it’s not hard to find a technician that can service a computer that is from another country. But how do companies based in other countries service their computers that are in English but have no English speaking technicians? You would think that every country has English speakers but how many of them are actual technicians that know how to service and repair your electronics? As long as your country allows for the shipment of devices with lithium-ion batteries, you can actually mail-in your device to get it serviced in the U.S.! Especially for businesses in need of quick repairs that are done professionally, our repair centers can set up a system to send a working laptop while the one in need of repair is on its way to us.


Of course, our services are available to anyone in the states as well, and for everyone living in Manhattan within range of one of our 3 locations can call us or visit our site to set up a messenger as well. We have serviced customers mailing-in from the U.K., France, and more! It might just be easier to get a foreign device repaired in the U.S. because of available technicians and even the tools and parts required to fix your technology!

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Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.