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8 Genius Ways to Organize Your Office Electronics

Even in the office, in today’s world, you can find quite a lot of electronics. And if you want to have as much productivity as possible, organization is key. As such, keeping your electronics is order is fairly important, and there are quite a few ways to go about it. From things that are fairly obvious to more creative ways to go about it. So, in order to help, we’ve put together a list of 8 genius ways to organize your office electronics.

1. Go vertical with shelves

One of the easiest ways to organize your office electronics is to incorporate vertical shelves into the office. Vertical shelves are out of the way, so they really don’t reduce the amount of space you have available. And adding shelves for the electronics is a good way to separate them from everything else. And while considering adding some shelves, make sure you have your tech office equipment properly planned out. After all, certain pieces of equipment are must-haves, whether you’re running a small business or not. So, take stock of your office equipment and make sure to replace and fill in where needed.

2. Never stack electronics on top of each other

When you have limited desk space, you might be tempted to, for example, place monitors on top of computer towers. However, this is a very bad idea for a couple of reasons. Firstly, computers build up heat while working and need to vent this heat to keep working. If you stack something on top of them, they can’t vent heat, and stop working. What’s more, because the other device is on top of the hot case, it gets hotter as well and can fail too. So, avoid stacking electronics on top of each other because it can end up causing them to break. And speaking of damaging the equipment, if you plan on moving office, remember that it’s best to include specialists. Office equipment is very easy to damage, so hiring professional movers to help is the best choice.

3. Keep your desktop as clean as possible

In an office, there’s always going to be a number of items on a desk. But if you want to keep everything in order, and this applies to electronics too, you need to keep desks clear of clutter. Realistically, the only things that should be present on a desk at any point are the things you need to work. This can make work much easier, as you don’t have to spend time looking for the things you need to get work done.

4. Keep smaller electronics on separate shelves

Another good way to organize your office electronics is to keep the smaller electronics separate from everything else. Things such as headsets, microphones, chargers, and so on should be on their own shelf. This way, you can always know where they are, which helps with organization quite a bit. The less time is spent on looking for electronics, the better, after all. And while organizing the office, it’s a good time to consider some tech upgrades as well. After all, if you want everything to keep running smoothly, having newer equipment is always helpful.

5. Have separate drawers for cables

Needless to say, when electronics are involved, you need to think about a lot of cables. When it comes to devices that aren’t always in use, take the time to store their cables in a specific drawer. After all, when you do need to use a specific device, it will be much easier if you immediately know where you can find the needed cable. Remember, efficiency is key when you want to keep productivity high, so having specific drawers for organizing cables is helpful. And when it comes to office computers, keeping them maintained is very important as well. The last thing you want is for something to stop working and slow everything down. So, make sure the computers are properly maintained, and replace things before they break where needed.

6. Keep the printers in a separate room

Printers tend to be some of the bulkiest pieces of office equipment, so keeping them on desks is unrealistic if you want to stay organized. So, dedicating a room in the office specifically for the printers is a good idea. Of course, this can make certain things a little slower, but the amount of time you’ll save through organization more than makes up for it.

7. Spend time on cable management

One of the worst things when it comes to organization is messy cables. And considering how many electronics are commonly used these days, cable management is incredibly important. Disorganized cables can take up a lot of space both under and on top of the text. So, taking the time to properly manage the cables across the office. Another benefit of properly organizing cables is that it makes moving electronics around much easier. When the cables are a mess, you could spend quite a bit of time untangling them first.

8. Make sure the electronics aren’t touching the floor

A lot of desks these days come with a low shelf, the purpose of which is to hold a computer. This is because of a problem we already mention: heat buildup. When a computer, or any electronic, is on the floor, they can run into issues venting heat. Again, this decreases the device’s lifespan, and it’s particularly bad if the device is placed on a carpeted surface. So, consider investing in desks with these sorts of shelves and avoid placing devices on the floor.

8 genius ways to organize your office electronics – closing thoughts

Organization is very important in modern offices, as it allows for better productivity. And since electronics are basically essential in today’s world, keeping everything organized is incredibly important. There are a number of ways to go about it, from mundane ways like adding shelves to more creative ideas like properly managing your cables. We hope that this list of 8 genius ways to organize your office electronics helps you out, and we wish you a good day.

Photos used: https://www.pexels.com/photo/people-sitting-on-chairs-beside-their-desks-in-an-office-1170412/

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