Personalize Your Tech Service

Need a local NYC Computer Warranty Repair Service? Not your normal protection I promise!

Yeah.. we’ve all heard that word.. WARRANTY.. it’s one of those things that many big-tech companies throw at you to upsell their products but it means a totally different thing to us and every one of our customers that has trusted us with our services. Here, at New York Computer Help, it means protecting New Yorkers and your technology alike.

Businesses, students, and anyone in need of high-tech custom builds, we service the most advanced technology and protect the machines that run our lives. Whether you use your computer to play the latest game or need multiple graphics cards to render the latest video tech for your business, we’ve serviced them all.

OK, So What’s the Warranty?

A Warranty isn’t just a protection or insurance plan. For us, it’s a service to make sure that the machine that you rely on with the most important tasks, are functioning without a hiccup with the fraction of the time of repair or service. Most Corporate companies will make you fill out a ticket and mail-in your device, only to be serviced for weeks that need to be shipped to a depot that takes time to ship out and ship back to you once it’s repaired. None of us can afford that time especially if we’re working on a timeline.

We personalize in all the repairs and expect excellence in all the repairs we do that is only done in-house at our repair centers in NYC. Never shipped to a repair center, where the client is never in mind.

Traditionally, if you need a device serviced, you will have to file a claim which can take days, mail-in your device or take to a certified repair center, receive a quote which then needs approval, and then the waiting period for the actual repair. This whole process can take weeks and if you are using your device for work or school, this can be quite devastating.

The way our company handles warranties is similar in a sense but with a shorter waiting period and a more personable approach to repairs.

Where Do I Sign Up?!

We offer several different types of warranties that give coverage for different types of devices and situations. A Full bumper-to-bumper plan for basic devices like laptops and desktops, including tablets and phones. A Cyber protection plan for those that are constantly attacked with viruses and malware, or to prevent hackers and ransomware. And a plan to protect that expensive custom PC build.

Protect your computer from potential threats! Hardware insurance plans starting from $15/month

Need protection from cyber threats? Signup to our Cyber Insurance plans starting from $25/month

Got any further questions? Walk in for a free diagnostic in NYC:

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Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.