Why Podcasts Are Good For Your Website SEO

Content creation remains the heart of SEO in 2023. Despite the changes in the search engine world, your content will determine the position you will hold in the SERP results. Mixing various techniques of creating content can have an impact on your optimization. 

One of the most buzzing options for content creation is podcasting. Podcast are becoming popular per dawn due to their opportunity for sharing enhanced information on particular topics. You might be having interest in podcasts. 

But you have no idea how they will impact your SEO. If this is your situation, adding podcasts in your website can be a good idea. Here is how podcasts can impact your website SEO:

Link building is a crucial pillar in the SEO world. Your content appear to be valuable and authoritative when other people link to it. But the process of building links is not simple. Sometimes, you need to spend money on paying people to allow you get a backlink from their website.

You can resolve this challenge through introducing a podcast page. As podcast become popular, their searches are increasing. People who find your podcasts valuable and impactful will likely tag it in their conversations. Also, they will hyperlink it in their web content. This way, you will get multiple backlinks that will boost your SEO.   

Boost organic traffic 

The dream of every website owner is to drive as much traffic as they can to their sites organically. You too desire the same. It will always be a smiling moment when you receive thousands of visitors to your site without paying for ads. All the traffic is coming from the search engines.

Podcasting can deliver this desire on a silver plate. Having podcast in your site offers you opportunity to use various key phrases potential targets are using on the search engines. When you post your podcast transcripts, you will make it easy for crawling bots to identify specific keywords. The results will be better positioning on the search result leading to high organic traffic.  

Do you invite guests in your podcasts? Typically, the best SEO podcast – learn more about The Best Podcast – feature an expert on particular topics sharing their insights. They can be leading SEO experts, ecommerce entrepreneurs, web designers, and other technical optimization gurus.  

Each of the guest you host in your podcast episodes has a following and will likely share the link to it. These links are crucial in boosting your ranking. In this essence, adding a podcast page in your website opens a door to high authority backlinks. 

Your website will start ranking better after some time. Remember, birds of the same feather flock together. So, you will share a slice of the guests’ authoritativeness in the search engine world once you host them in your podcast.   

Harnessed voice search benefits 

With technology allowing people to use speech in typing an offering commands, voice search is now a central aspect in SEO. Search engines are ranking websites with voice-enabled scanning higher than the rest. You can utilize this secret to boost your ranking.

Adding a podcast in your website makes it compatible to voice search. The search engine use audio-search bots to scan through your site and crawl any compatible resources. By having a podcast, you will make your site fall in love with these bots which will have a positive impact on your SEO.  

Enhance social media engagement 

Social media presence and engagements are crucial in enhancing SEO ranks. Ranking bots always search for sites with huge engagements in the social spaces to rank them. Through hosting podcasts that deliver valuable content, you will likely get many people talking about it. 

Every person who find it important will share it on their social media. As people speak about it, search engine bots will also make it easier for users to find your content through ranking it well. This sharing will attract huge traffic and move you on the first positions of the search results.  

Great content repurposing 

Podcasts offer you an opportunity to repurpose you content. From one podcast, you can generate a series of other content to post on your website and social media. 

For instance, you can turn the podcast into a blogpost. The sentiments from your guests can become social media posts. You can also develop infographics and other essential resources. All these types of content can offer an opportunity to expand your SEO optimization through on-page links.   

In a word, podcast is an essential component in your SEO optimization journey. It will help you make your website search engine friendly through various aspects such as link building, voice search optimization, organic traffic, and content repurposing. These attributes will benefit your SEO and help you rank better. So, consider adding a podcast page in your website.

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