Macbook: Out-of-Warranty Repair in NYC

If you haven’t purchased an extended warranty with Apple, then you might be out of luck when your Macbook is in need of repair. Typically the warranties expire in a year, batteries and other parts of the laptop will degrade over time, especially after that year. When an Apple device is in need of repair, the first thought for most people in New York City is to go to an Apple store location even after the warranty has expired. Unfortunately, Apple will not do certain types of repairs like data recovery and logic board work.

Since the release of the first Macbook, Apple’s laptops have become thinner and lighter through the years and more recently, they’ve become so sleek that the whole inside of the laptop is just a logic board and a battery. They have done away with disk drives and hard drives entirely making some repairs very difficult or downright impossible. Now, with the release of the M1 and M2 chips, there are very few that have the knowledge to even diagnose the more serious issues that plague the different models. Since Apple has gotten rid of detachable hard drives, they are now soldered, or attached, to the logic board itself and any problems a logic board faces, your data can go with it. Data recovery is not possible without repairing the logic board first because it needs to be able to power on to even read the data. This is probably the reason why Apple doesn’t provide data recovery because they won’t be able to promise that the data is even retrievable in the event of a logic board repair.

They also do not service older models of their products because they would rather up sell their newer products or do not keep all the parts in stock. Also, they wouldn’t use third-party parts in their devices either which is also a reason why they don’t service their older products. Not to mention the timeframe for their repairs can take weeks and you will need to make an appointment to even get a diagnostic to get a quote.

Repair in New York City

At New York Computer Help, diagnostics are free and can be quoted all within the same hour or day depending on the issue. You will have a face-to-face interaction with someone that will tell you what is needed for repair and the cost to fix whatever device you bring in. With three locations throughout NYC and with three decades in the repair business, we are close to the different Apple stores throughout the city should they not be able to take in your Apple product for repair. Music data recovery from an old iPod and board repair on iMacs are just some examples of the repair capability at New York Computer Help.

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