Bulk Computer and Tablet repair for Schools and Businesses

Schools and businesses, big or small, are always in the need for technical help, especially in the world we live in now where computers and technology are a part of daily life. Large corporate businesses and schools usually have an IT department or some company that service all their equipment. New York Computer Help is one of those companies that are specialized in bulk repairs, not just in New York, but domestically and internationally.

What Other Devices Can Be Serviced?

We’ve serviced all sorts of different types of technology from all over the U.S., as well as countries from overseas such as the U.K. and France. Repairing not just computers and tablets but everyday devices such as phones, smart watches and even game consoles and their controllers. Since 2000, we’ve serviced businesses at their very own offices as well having bulk iPad repairs shipped in from schools and other companies. Servicing customers in New York as well remotely to other states, we also accept mail-in repairs from everyday clients to overseas companies.

Not just limited to computers and tablets, we also work on and repair proprietary devices such as medical devices and kiosks that are custom made for a company. Most recently, we have serviced 3,000 proprietary Life Alert Android medical devices, replacing and testing their batteries. Something so crucial to a person’s life was entrusted with us to make sure everything functions properly in the most dire of times.

When a device goes out of warranty, companies like Apple or Dell might choose to not repair the older products that they sell. At New York Computer Help, we actually provide our own warranty services and you can trust that your device is repaired in-house and not sent to some repair depot in another state that will take weeks for the repaired machine to get back to you.

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Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.