Out-of-Warranty iPhone Repair in NYC

When your phone goes out of warranty after a year, particularly the iPhone in this case, you wouldn’t be able to take it to the store you purchased it at for repair or if they do, they would charge you for it and will most likely send it out to a repair depot somewhere else. In most cases this is out of state and you will be without a phone for up to two weeks or more! As phones get more advanced, recently within the past two decades, most people are getting rid of their landlines and replacing them with a mobile option so for these people, the phone is a precious commodity that can make life hard without it.

When iPhone is in need of a repair, especially in New York City, most think to take it to an Apple store that is scattered throughout the city, with or without a warranty. The problem for some is that if you have an outdated phone, the employees of the store usually suggest to purchase a new one and trade in the old. Sometimes this can be difficult because of the process of moving your data from one to the other, not to mention the cost of a new phone. Data recovery is also something that they don’t normally do so they will not even attempt a repair. Older models are also not repaired by Apple, not just phones, but for all their products. The next thing after an Apple store visit for most is to find a repair shop near their home to get a fix but even that can be a hassle when there’s so many in the city and who knows how experienced the technicians are and the turnaround time.

New York Computer Help has been repairing phones, tablets, computers and all sorts of tech since 2000. With decades of experience, you can expect the best service and very experienced technicians. Located near the Apple stores, turnaround time is quick and the process is painless where diagnosing a phone is always free.

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Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.