9/25/23, Yom Kippur: UES & SOHO repair centers are closed / Midtown will be open

Hot Swapping Dead Laptops in NYC

Do you have a business or school that is in need of bulk computer repairs? We’re providing hot swapping service for those in need of a quick solution to laptops in need of repair. Hot swapping can be applied to parts in a computer, but in this case, it is providing a working unit while the broken one is being repaired. This type of service is rare, even in New York City and when someone is in desperate need of a repair when they have a deadline. Mailing-in the device is also an option here at New York Computer Help as we service all types of businesses including repairs that get rejected by the big box stores.

Taken from the term for hot swapping which generally means to swap components in machines while it is still powered on and running, we use this term to refer to a system where there is the least amount of disruption to a running business, to someone’s education, or for anyone that is in need of a useable device right away. Some repairs can take a long time, but with this system, there should be no worries waiting on a device to get fixed.

The process itself is painless as we store working laptops in bulk and can swap out a machine in need of repair the very same day or even overnight depending on where the client is located. For simpler issues, we can make home and office visits as well for on-the-spot rescues.

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Got any further questions? Walk in for a free diagnostic in NYC:

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Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.