Extended Warranty for your Device

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Would you like to purchase an extended warranty” or seen it while purchasing an electronic device on the internet. Most people have heard it so much that they tend to avoid it every time because they’re sure they’ll keep their device safe and in tact for the years to come. But anything can happen unexpectedly, especially to something that has glass and small moving parts, and when that happens you’ll be kicking yourself for not taking that warranty since the repair would probably cost a lot more than the warranty which could have covered the cost of the repair.

Most devices typically come with a warranty of anywhere from a month all the way up to a year. These manufacturer warranties are basically to guarantee that the device is free from any issues or defects and will replace or repair the device for free or at a slight cost depending on the user’s situation. Purchasing an extended warranty just increases that coverage from a year up to 3 or 5 depending on the manufacturer. Not to be mistaken with purchasing insurance, warranties are only guaranteeing that the device will last you up to the time of the end of the warranty. For example, when you purchase an iPhone, Apple is guaranteeing you that it will last for up to a year without any physical or mechanical faults. A warranty won’t cover any damage to the device from user error such as from falls or spill damage. What it would cover is something such as a faulty battery or an operation issue such as software inconsistency.

Insurance is basically similar in that it will cover repairs, even the ones from user inflicted damage and furthermore will cover the cost and replacement of the device when it’s lost or stolen. This is usually subscription based and will cost you for coverage either monthly or annually.

Here at New York Computer Help, we offer warranty services that covers the whole device and will be handled directly at one of our repair centers. Normally with manufacturers handling the repairs, they will diagnose and assess the issue and let you know if it’s covered or not or will give you a quote for the repair. Then it’s usually sent off to another location to be fixed and then returned which can take weeks if not months. Having us handle your repair, you can be assured that everything is done in-house and returned quickly so that you can use your device within hours if not, the next day.

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