iPhone Screen and Battery Replacement

The iPhone and its many generations have been around for quite awhile now and the latest models are delicate as its exterior is mostly made of glass. A single drop from even a modest height can shatter the phone including the screen. Getting the screen replaced can easily be done at a local repair shop but the process in which it’s done can be daunting for anyone that would attempt to try it themselves. The tools involved in repairing the screen or getting to the battery can’t be easily found or can be expensive just to repair the phone just once or a handful of times. Of course for a repair center, it makes sense, but for an individual, they would be better off just taking it to a place that can fix it for them.

Batteries over time will degrade and can swell up dependent on usage and age. Swelling batteries can also be the reason for a screen getting damaged and can also damage internal parts of an iPhone. The swelling batteries can also be dangerous as they can also have a chance to explode. These aren’t just restricted to iPhones as all lithium batteries have a chance for explosion due to swelling and high temperatures. Recycling them is very important as it can cause fires if thrown away in a regular trash bin.

Screen Replacement

Some might be wondering how you can even take off the screen to replace it. The iPhone was designed for aesthetics and the screen is tightly bound into the phone so you wouldn’t even be able to recognize where it starts or ends.

Every phone model has a different screen size and is replaced in different ways depending on the type of iPhone. The more recent phones require a heating tool to take off the screen since there is an adhesive behind it holding it to the rest of the phone. Even then you will have to be careful removing it because some phones have the touch sensors connected to it or is connected with other things such as the home button. Sourcing the correct screen for the iPhone model is another thing to keep in mind as screens from third-party vendors can nullify the warranty that may come with Apple and you wouldn’t be able to get anything else fixed by Apple directly.

Putting the new screen back onto the phone is another process that might not exactly be like working backwards as you’ll need other tools and adhesives to install it.

Battery Replacement

Replacing the battery on an iPhone requires the same process to get the screen off because the battery is inside the iPhone. As I’ve mentioned earlier, replacing the battery with a third-party unit can nullify the warranty from Apple so having it done with Apple might be the better option even if it is cheaper to get it replaced at your local repair shop. If you have a swollen battery, you will have to be extra careful when removing it if it’s affecting other parts of the phone.

When tossing out the battery, be extra careful where you throw it out as it can start fires if not placed somewhere properly. Most repair shops will recycle them for you if you want that peace of mind.


The replacement of the screen and battery are the 2 basic repairs made for the iPhone. Anything else that might be an issue is much harder to diagnose and the parts needed are also much more difficult to acquire. Getting any repairs done on an iPhone is best to be kept for the professionals in a repair shop and any attempt made by someone trying it for the first time can further damage the phone.

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