4 IT Services Your Business Can Outsource

Businesses that depend on functional IT infrastructure for their daily operations need to monitor their systems constantly. This can sometimes distract from their main operations, causing a drop in revenue. To avoid losing money without neglecting their IT systems, some businesses outsource their IT services to third-party companies. These managed Information Technology (IT) service companies have teams of personnel that specialize in various IT functions so that they can provide expert-level services. 

Companies save money by outsourcing these IT services, as it costs more to have experts on their payroll offering the same services. Managed IT services can increase your business’s productivity and efficiency because your staff will focus on delivering quality services to your customers instead of troubleshooting problems with the IT system that arises.

IT Services To Outsource

Critical parts of a company’s IT system need constant monitoring and management. By delegating the management of these parts to third-party companies, they get the needed attention while your company workers focus on core business functions. Here are four of those critical IT services your business should outsource:

  1. Help Desk Support

This is technical support provided to company workers over the phone, live chat, or email. It is used for software installation, troubleshooting software and hardware problems, answering tech-related questions, and resolving other technical issues. Outsourcing help desk support means a team of professionals will always be on hand to provide these solutions without you directly hiring or training them.

  1. Computer Network Management

This is the supervision and management of the hardware that provides internet access to the computers in an IT system. This includes firewalls, switches, and routers. Having a managed IT service provider like Computer Consultants and Merchants cater to these will ensure that your company’s network will always be functional, reliable, and secure. This is important because server downtime can deny employees access to the materials they need for their jobs.

  1. Cybersecurity

Online security is essential, and all businesses need to be protected from hackers and other cybercriminals. By outsourcing your business’s cybersecurity to a third-party service provider, you will get 24/7 protection from phishing messages, malware, ransomware, DDoS attacks, and other cyber threats. Their cybersecurity personnel will install firewalls to block unwanted traffic and systems that can detect intrusions. They will also be equipped to handle any threat the system identifies.

  1. Cloud Services

Many businesses now use cloud computing in their daily operations. They save essential files on cloud servers, which allows them to be accessed from any location at any time. Some managed IT service providers give companies access to their cloud servers on a subscription basis. This allows them to enjoy the flexibility and scalability of cloud computing without developing their own infrastructure. The service provider will also manage the cloud server so it will always be available and operational. Their management services include backup, disaster recovery, and email hosting.


You can outsource critical IT services to a third-party company to keep your IT infrastructure working optimally without disrupting your core operations. Managed IT service companies will give you access to experienced tech professionals at a lower cost than hiring them to manage your IT systems full-time.

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