How to Replace a Broken Macbook Screen

If you’ve recently broken the screen on your Macbook, don’t worry – it can be replaced. Replacing a broken Macbook screen is not as difficult as it may seem and can be done with some basic tools and knowledge.


Before attempting to replace the screen, make sure that you have all of the necessary parts and tools for the job. You will need a new LCD display panel, an anti-static wrist strap (to prevent static electricity from damaging components), a Phillips screwdriver set, tweezers or needle nose pliers, thermal paste (for reattaching heat sinks) and possibly other small tools depending on your model of Macbook. These days, Macbooks use special screws that require a specific screwdriver.

Replacing the Screen

Once you have all of these items ready to go, begin by turning off your laptop and unplugging any power cords or peripherals connected to it. Remove the battery if possible; this will help protect against electric shock during repairs. Next remove any screws securing the bottom case cover in place then carefully lift up on one side until it comes free from its clips. Once removed you should see several cables connecting various components together including those for power/battery charging LED lights etc., disconnect them gently using tweezers or needle nose pliers before setting aside both the bottom case and cables.

Now you can begin to remove the screws securing the LCD display panel in place, once removed carefully lift up on one side of it until it comes free from its clips. You should now be able to access both sides of the broken screen, use tweezers or needle nose pliers to disconnect any remaining cables connecting them together before setting aside both pieces.

Next take your new LCD display panel and connect all necessary cables back into place then secure with screws. Once done reattach the bottom case cover using screws and reconnect any power/battery charging LED lights etc., that were disconnected earlier. Finally apply thermal paste onto heat sinks if needed before replacing battery (if applicable) and powering up laptop for testing purposes.


Replacing a broken Macbook screen is not an easy task but with some patience and knowledge it can be done successfully! Make sure you have all of the necessary parts/tools ready beforehand as well as following instructions closely throughout each step of this process for best results possible when finished.

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