I Spilled Coffee on my Macbook!

Every day, we see MacBook users walk in with a sheepish grin on their faces. Most of the time, we are their first or second visit. If this were the second time, the Apple store would have been where the first time was. Additionally, because it was a coffee spill, Apple is well-known for immediately claiming that a logic board issue is to blame.

Normally, the coffee goes directly to the keyboard. And if you were one of the fortunate ones, the coffee only reached the keys. The keyboard’s mechanism is airtight, preventing liquid and debris from entering. As a result, hopefully this Apple design works, and you’re safe. Assuming that is the situation, you should expect a keyboard replacement or to have a MacBook top case replaced. If you spilled a lot of coffee, you should anticipate more than just a bad keyboard. Damage to the battery, connectors, and other components like the logic board are to be expected to be affected.

About 7 out of ten times the liquid spill wouldn’t cause the logic board to fail. The top case must be replaced about 5 times out of ten times. This is due to the fact that the MacBook encasing the liquid inside and on the keyboard when it spills water, wine, beer, soup, tea, or another liquid on it. The liquid will possibly go through the keyboard to the logic board in the event that there’s a a lot of liquid or if the liquid is spilled at a port like the USB ports, DVD drive, or different openings to the logic board.

Here are some steps to take after your unfortunate spill:

  • After the spill, immediately turn off your MacBook.
    This will guarantee that no further harm is caused. The worst thing is liquid on hot parts, so this well protects against this deadly combination.
  • Unplug the power cord.
    It’s critical not to burn yourself, your outlet, or your MacBook. Safety first!
  • Try not to turn your MacBook on.
    I understand the urge to turn it on and pray that the light shines on you as it miraculously turns on. However, don’t do it. By shorting out parts, you might do more damage.
  • Open up the screen and flip it over.
    Open up your MacBook screen as far as possible and have the screen and console face-down on your table. The logic board, which is the most expensive part, is where the water will work its way away from. By opening up the screen, the water won’t get down to the screen. This basically means that you are safeguarding the screen and logic board.
  • It is in your best interest to open your MacBook to manually dry out the liquid if there is a possibility that liquid is still present or if it is slightly damp. You’ll also want to use a component safe cleanser since it’s a coffee spill and not just water. This will guarantee the liquid doesn’t harm your MacBook when booting up.
  • If you’re brave. Power on your MacBook.
    Check to see if you have any power. Test every key and trackpad on your device if there is power. Test your internet, wifi, and all of your usual modes of operation.

For major spills, it is recommended to have it looked at by a professional.

To guarantee an affordable MacBook spill repair, our Apple technicians always look for the problem’s direct cause. When we discover that it is in fact a logic board issue, we feel as though we are about to give up. Yet, on the off chance that we say it’s a logic board issue, it unquestionably is since we generally investigate and test any remaining parts first. Don’t worry if the problem is with the logic board; our prices are still half of those of the Apple store and very competitive with those of other NYC Apple repair shops.

Your MacBook repair can range from a simple inside liquid clean-up to a replacement keyboard to a logic board repair. Get a free MacBook diagnostic to see what your options are.

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