Top 5 Easy to Navigate SVG Vector Graphic Editors

Vector graphic editors is referred to as the perfect utilities that lets you design and manipulate the computer images. They patently use geometric and mathematical commands for proceeding with the image vectorizations. The vector files that are created with these editors could readily be scaled indefinitely without any quality distraction. You can find that vector editors mainly function for generating high-definition illustrations that can be used on the web, games, and certain other channels. In this informative blog post, we shortlisted a few best vector graphic editors that lets you proceed with vector-based representation without any huge manual intervention. 

Pro Tip: An online web-based platform like theonlineconverter.com works to convert files to and from SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) formats for free of cost. Even this SVG converter helps you to create SVG from existing PNG by using different illustration presets. 

Pixelmator Pro:

Start using Pixelmator Pro that supports vector art along with certain shapes, curves, and lines. You can encounter different built-in shapes and tools that reduce the time and effort for creating your graphics. This vector editor is loaded with a GPU-powered image editing module for making all the changes required. 

In addition to that, if svg file conversion is your goal, you ought to give a try to an online SVG vector converter that does all for you. 

Why Use?

  • It lets you proceed with the high quality layer-based image editing
  • Loaded with the different workspace presets for different artworks including design, illustration, photography, and painting
  • Entertains you with a live histogram that loaded with Luminance, RGB, and different Colors modes

Affinity Designer:

This is the patent source that mainly functions to proceed with vector-related artwork efficiently without any distraction. This vector editor software is referred to as the Pro version of Affinity Photos and was developed by Serif Labs as a full-fledged vector editor application. The upside is that this program is loaded with an exclusive PSD import engine and even supports certain other file types including SVG, AI, Freehand, EPS and other vector formats. Besides that, you can export your desired files as SVG vector formats online with the free to use SVG converter. 

Why Use?

  • Its channel editing set at 16-bit for better outcomes
  • Entertains you with different Graphics Tablets
  • Loaded with different number of tools such as Raster Style Effects, Flexible Text, and Curve Editing
  • Functions to create SVG vector file format without any distortion from the existing PNG raster-based graphic file


Sketch is the vector-based file graphic editor that appears expensive, still its full-fledged features make it worth the money. This is referred to as the perfect vector tool that lets you produce high-quality vector drawings. You can even fetch a Sketch Mirror companion application from this source that helps to preview your designs while proceeding. In addition to that, it is loaded with many grids and guides that function for text rendering and certain other essential parameters of generating vector graphics. 

Why Use?

  • Entertains you with well-organized and simple to navigate interface
  • Packed with community resources and even you can fetch there an iOS development kit
  • Provided you with the trial version of 15 days

Corel Draw:

CorelDraw is one of the affordable alternatives to Adobe Illustrator. It is loaded with innumerable vector illustration tools that work to transform simple lines into complex art. Creating brochures, newsletters, multi-page documents, and others becomes pretty simple with the assistance of CorelDraw. However, this program does not allow you to proceed with SVG conversions, in that case, you ought to account with an online SVG converter that does all in a matter of seconds. 

Why Use?

  • Entertains you with multiple language supports
  • Loaded with apparel & textile designing tools
  • No matter whether you’re using iPad and APple pencil, there you get the best sidebar support


If you want to generate new and edit your old illustration related works, then Krita is referred to as the remarkable drawing application. This full-fledged vector-based tool is loaded with pastel chalk, oil paint, watercolors, charcoal along with easy to navigate brushes, pencils, and pens. You could find that this utility lets you proceed with both bitmap and vector file types and also packed with layer and panel templates. Also, humble thanks to the source of SVG converter that enables conversions for SVG vector files without any quality disruption.

Why Use?

  • Lets you proceed conversions on web-based applications and even works perfectly on Mac, Linux, and Windows
  • Functions best for creating and editing 2D drawing without any huge manual intervention
  • Entertains you with a wide array of animation templates

Well, choose any one vector graphic editor from the above-mentioned list to proceed with stunning artwork. Good Luck! Are you a student? Here is how you can turn limit calculation into a walk in the park.

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