MacBook M2 Screen Replacement

As an independent repair company or technician, imagine the aggravation of encountering a repair hurdle that the OEM put there on purpose to discourage do-it-yourself and corporate-independent repairs.

This is occurring more frequently thanks to software locks like parts pairing. “Parts pairing” is a very glaring anti-repair strategy for the uninitiated, especially when used in important infrastructure like agriculture and medical.

“Parts pairing” typically refers to a practice used by some electronic device manufacturers, including Apple, to ensure the compatibility and functionality of hardware components within a device. This is particularly relevant for devices like iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks.

In the context of Apple devices, parts pairing involves linking specific hardware components, such as the display, Touch ID sensor, or battery, to the device’s logic board. This pairing is done using software and cryptographic mechanisms to ensure that only genuine and authorized replacement parts are used during repairs. The primary goal of parts pairing is to enhance device security, prevent unauthorized repairs, and maintain the overall quality and functionality of the device.

As we’ve been consistently repairing many different devices, we discovered a possible part pairing problem that may prevent screen replacements on the MacBook M1 and M2 models. The artifacting that shows on all screen replacements on the M2 models are especially concerning.

Screen artifacting refers to visual anomalies or irregularities that appear on a computer screen. These anomalies can manifest as strange patterns, colors, distortions, flickering, or other visual glitches that are not part of the intended display output. Screen artifacting can be caused by various factors, including hardware and software issues.

At New York Computer Help, we’ve figured out how to do these screen replacements since this kind of repair is clearly beyond the capabilities of the typical technician. We not only service New York City, but we also provide a mail-in service so you can get the best tech repair service wherever you are in the United States. Here is a list of the models of MacBooks that have this issue:

MacBook Pro

  • A2338
  • A2442
  • A2485
  • A2779
  • A2780

MacBook Air

  • A2337
  • A2681
  • A2941

We’ve successfully been able to replace the screens on all these models without issues even though the repair itself is quite a long, delicate process. If you are in need of a new screen but you’re not in New York City, don’t hesitate to mail it in!

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