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3 most common PC errors and how the layman can fix them – PC repair tips

You got a PC.  Maybe you got it over a Mac because it’s half the cost.  Maybe you are just used to 3 most common pc errorsWindows and you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  Whatever the case, you’re stuck with it like you’re stuck with your old Uncle Ned in the corner of your Thanksgiving dinner party.

Here are the three most common PC errors:

  1. Computer freezes.  If this happens, when in doubt, restart your PC.  You may have had a bad cached or saved program in the background.  Also, run a virus scan to make sure there are viruses or spyware.  Also, unplug peripherals, such as an external drive, to protect your PC against possibly failing devices.
  2. Computer won’t turn on.  This is serious.  But, it could be a very simple PC solution.  For a laptop, take out the battery and put it back in.  For a desktop, re-insert the RAM and if that doesn’t do it, replace the power supply.
  3. Computer makes strange noises.  Go and buy a can of compressed air and blow the sucker out!  You’ll find a fan vent and just blow to your heart’s content.  Then, you’ll remove the noise-causing dust bunnies.

Of course, if this is over your head or you just don’t want to deal with it, haul in your Windows errored-machine to a professional.  Seek out a local PC repair service company who can do this for you.

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