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5 Apps Every Serious Content Creator Needs

Being a content creator is about more than just having ideas. It’s about being an expert who can envision a piece of content, note down its outlines, and then make it come to life with the set of the right tools and techniques

Now, while every type of content creation has its own set of requirements, here are the top five apps that every serious content creator needs and how you can get the most out of them. 


  1. Antivirus software

The first thing you need to understand as a content creator is that your device is your livelihood. As a regular internet user, having good antivirus software, a sturdy firewall, and a decent VPN are smart. For a content creator, these are mandatory. Not only are they mandatory, but you shouldn’t even consider using a free version; instead, you should immediately upgrade to a premium plan.

The biggest challenge here is finding the right antivirus. According to tech expert Krishi Chowdhary, there are a lot of great options out there capable of blocking ransomware, adware, and even phishing attacks (source: The key thing to keep in mind is that while the majority of top-tier antivirus software offers similar features, it’s worth doing your homework and even using a comparison tool.

There are no exceptions. If your antivirus is warning you of something, it doesn’t matter how much you trust the site or the person who sent you the link – You do not open it! 

Just remember that, as a content creator, you’re probably clicking on more links and exploring a larger portion of the internet than the majority of your peers. This is why you’re more at risk and why you need this much more. 

You’re also a much bigger target. People know of you and some have developed a deep dislike of you over your content. You need to be safe at all times.

  1. AI generative tools

Now, make no mistake, regardless of whether you’re editing your own content or creating it from scratch, you have so much to gain by leveraging AI tools. 

First of all, you can use AI to generate topics and ideas. When you have to come up with new content every week, you’ll start repeating yourself unless you can come up with something new. You don’t even have to use an idea, an idea can just stir you in the right direction.

Other than that, you can also use these generative tools to give you a post structure. Generating outlines can save you hours and hours of time.

You can also use an AI-generating tool to give you the first draft. You can just generate an image, a video, or a piece of text and then give it your own stamp. You can re-render it, do some light editing, and get a finished product much sooner than you otherwise would.

You can also use the tool to rephrase your content. You could reword it or even use it for SEO purposes. For instance, you can ask the tool to reword your content to make all the sentences shorter than 20 words, give it keywords to spread at the exact density (of 100 or 120 words), etc.  

  1. Content editing app

Here, we’re going a bit more general, mostly because it varies on the type of content you’re creating. For instance, if you’re making infographics, what you need is a tool that will help you with graphic design. If you’re making videos, you need a video editing app

The choice of the right video editing software is, arguably the most important of all, since the majority of content, both on social media and your YouTube/X channel will require a video. The choice of the tool here will affect the quality of your work and your entire working process. 

No matter what kind of content you’re making that involves sound, you need sound editing apps. After all, no matter how good a microphone on your recording device is, you need to sharpen the audio on the file a bit. You may want to eliminate background noise, amplify the sound, and do much, much more. The quality has two sides to it, hardware and the software but the use of both is pure skill.  

The very basics are the text editing software. Even if you’re creating a video, you need to write down the scenario somewhere, which means that you either need MS Word or you need Docs. 

  1. Social media management tool

As a content creator, your social media is your bread and butter. Regardless of what kind of content you’re creating and on what channel, your social media platforms are how you spread the word around. It’s here that you share your blog posts and your YouTube videos.

Now, you need to be present on so many different platforms for this to work. You want to leverage your YouTube channel, your Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter), but you also want to use LinkedIn, even Reddit, and Pinterest. Depending on your field and industry, these platforms could be the real goldmine for your content. 

The reason you need a platform is simple: when you have too much content and too many platforms on which you’re present, you need to automate posting and make diagnostics simpler. You can do this with the right social media management tool. 

When picking a platform, take your own needs into consideration. How many platforms are you on? How often are you engaging in posting, and how often are you doing the analytics? All of this will help you immensely when picking the right platform. 

  1. Cloud storage solution

Another tool that any content creator desperately needs is reliable cloud storage software. First of all, you cannot risk losing years of your work just because your HDD/SSD broke at this exact moment. 

When you have a cloud storage solution, this will never be a problem. This way, you keep everything you make on the cloud and know that you can always get access to it when you need it.

To further elaborate on why getting cloud storage is so important for content creators, we have to delve deeper into the way they work.

First of all, they often work from multiple devices. When data is on a cloud, it’s easy to access it from these different platforms. The most important thing you need to understand here is that this facilitates the process but also makes digital nomadism a lot easier.

Second, you should understand that the majority of these content creators have other people working on the content, as well. Cloud storage is great for sharing files and collaborating, which is another huge advantage.

Finally, cloud storage is flexible. No matter how many accounts or devices you have, it’s always the same process to give someone more access. Also, buying more space is much simpler than getting an extra HDD.

The right toolset is a job half-done

The main misconception about digital jobs is that they’re much more different than traditional jobs than they really are. No one would argue against the statement that even the best carpenter needs the right tools in order to produce a top-quality item. Why would this be any different in the content creation industry? The right toolset is a job half-done, so do your research and make your selection carefully. 

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