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5 Best Video Editing App For Mac OS

5 Best Video Editing App For Mac OS

If you want to make a video, the software you choose to edit the raw footage will have a big impact on the final output. However, with so many editing suites available, picking the finest Mac software is a difficult undertaking. Many users are searching for a free Mac video editing tool since they have a large number of videos that they want to edit for better presentation or preservation.

Let’s take a look at the top five video editing apps for Mac OS:

1. InVideo –

InVideo takes the cake when it comes to the best video editing software for Mac. Their comprehensive online video editor has a number of tools that make the editing process simple and quick. If you want to save time, our solution will make a significant difference. 

InVideo allows you to edit your videos to perfection in just 10 minutes. There’s no doubt you’ll discover something that meets your needs among the over 2,000 templates available.

Our platform’s easy editor will assist you in producing high-quality videos without the need for any prior experience. With a single click, you may add text, music, effects, transitions, and a variety of other elements such as AI voice. Drag and drop the element you wish to include in your film onto the canvas.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro CC –

For all platforms, Adobe Premiere is the most popular video editor. The program’s UI is straightforward and user-friendly. There are layouts incorporated for specialized uses. You can, however, employ full customization. Several tabs can be used to connect and move all of the windows. Many plug-ins, templates, and scripts are available in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

These technologies have the potential to drastically ease the working process while also giving the finished video a professional look. This is the finest option for batch video editing of products. Some of the most recent features of the Premiere Pro suite are excellent for saving time and collaborating with others.

To begin with, there’s the new Auto Reframe function, which automatically frames and resizes your video to meet the aspect ratio required for posting or sharing online – without removing any of the shot’s essential elements. One of the unique features is the ability to control the program’s cache. It’s incredibly beneficial because the video editor takes up a lot of space on the hard drive.

3. Lightworks-

Lightworks can be downloaded for free, and there is no time limit on how long you can keep it. The program features multi-channel input and a timeline with a variety of useful features. You can use an infinite number of audio and video tracks while editing clips in this finest video editing program.

Any video post-production is done in the background in real-time. This provides for the smooth operation of the app, but only if your Mac is powerful enough. Calculating tasks are sped up using the GPU.

You shouldn’t be concerned that the movie you’ve recorded will vanish because the entire sequence of events is saved automatically. Any video format can be imported and exported with the application. It is possible to edit video from numerous cameras at the same time. Finally, there’s the option to snap a screenshot.

4. Final Cut Pro X –

When it comes to editing software, Apple Final Cut Pro X is a heavyweight. Choosing between this and other video editing tools is challenging. All are pretty strong and are often utilized by experts in the business.

Final Cut Pro X, on the other hand, has additional features that are likely to appeal to Mac users. It, for example, works in tandem with other macOS software and apps like Photos and iTunes.

Furthermore, Mac users will recognize the interface, which will make it easier to use. But don’t be fooled by the platform’s simplicity. It’s still a strong tool, and once you get used to it, the magnetic timeline makes editing film a breeze.

Multi-cam editing, XML imports, and 360-degree VR content are all supported, and color grading capabilities have been enhanced. Additional capabilities, such as 3D titling and an outstanding Flow transition to smooth out jump cuts, have been added to these functions.

5. iMovie –  

Finally, there’s iMovie, which is like Final Cut Pro X’s younger brother. It’s more like a younger sibling, but it comes with your Mac for free, so there’s no harm in testing it out. It’s an excellent choice for novices learning to use editing software, casual hobbyists, and even YouTubers who wish to chop up their films.

Although iMovie is rather basic, this may be considered as a benefit for inexperienced editors. You can splice, cut, and rearrange your raw footage and soundtracks with iMovie. You may even export your work in 4K resolution at up to 60 frames per second once you’ve finished it.

There are also a good number of effects, transitions, filters, and fine-tuning tools for white balance, color matching, and other adjustments. On the other hand, if you have no prior experience with video editing, iMovie’s Trailer tool will allow you to create a decent video without having to do much. Choose a template, and you’ll be given an outline, a storyboard, and a shot list to work with.

Drag and drop your footage into the placeholder thumbnails on the storyboard, and there you go, you’ve ‘edited’ it. iMovie has made combining clips into a single video a breeze, so if you have a recent Apple system version, creating a ready-to-go video will be a breeze. Overall, this application is best suited for straightforward jobs.

The Bottom Line

Video editing is a difficult task—most software solutions are extremely complicated to operate and necessitate an extensive understanding of the subject. Not everyone wants to be a professional video editor, let alone hire someone to do it for us.

Both of these solutions are prohibitively expensive, and there are more vital business sectors in which to spend. The best course of action is to choose a user-friendly and cost-effective video editing program that gives you complete control over your recordings.

You will not only be in charge of the stylistic aspects of the task, but you will also save a lot of time in the process.

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