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5 ways to improve your iPhone battery life – Get another 20% of iPhone battery life by following these 5 steps.


I don’t know how Apple support can design the best-looking phone out there, but can’t figure out how to improve the iPhone battery life issue.  I’m charging my iPhone at least 2-3 times a day.  Some days, I’m so frustrated, I just keep it connected all day to a USB adapter cable.  Yes, that does deplete the iPhone service battery over time, but what other choices do we have.  Funny, you should ask, I’ve gone as far as releasing a 4200 mAH battery cover.  The regular battery is only 1440 mAh on the iPhone 5S so getting 3-4 times the amount of battery life should have me happy, right?  Nope!  The battery juice cover is humongous and probably is having me closer to getting cancer every day.

Instead of fighting the iPhone battery, here’s how you can actually improve your battery life the organically, clean way:

  1. Turn off AirDrop.  Go to Home screen->swipe up->Control Center->tap AirDrop and select off.  AirDrop takes a heavy toll on your battery and if you’re not sharing files with nearby friends, turn it off.turn-on-airdrop
  2. Limit background App Refresh.  In the background, Apps will constantly look to grab info from sites to keep it up to the minute.  No need for this unless you’re a day trader or need to be glued to your app every second.  Remove apps for this refresh by going to: Settings->General->Background App Refreshturn-off-background-app-refresh
  3. Disable auto App updates.  Similar to background refreshing, apps are always on the hunt to update themselves with the latest revisions and updates.  You can instead update them at your convenience by going to: Settings->iTunes & App Store->turn off Updates and Apps.  You may also configure updates to just run when on WiFi to conserve battery life and your data plan.Auto-App-Updater-disable-configure
  4. Stop learning frequent locations.  Every time you visit places, your phone will remember them for next time.  No need for this as you can remove this by going to:  Settings->Privacy->Location Services->System Services and switch off the Frequent Locations option.turn-off-frequent-locations-iphone
  5. Prevent Spotlight Search indexing.  Spotlight needs to constantly index your phone to pony up the latest results upon command.  You can remove areas you don’t need for this by going to:  Settings->General->Spotlight Search and exclude what you don’t need.stop-spotlight-search-indexing

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