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A refrigerator with apps! Samsung RSG309 LCD Refrigerator – tech gadget review

%image_alt%Okay, I don’t usually review refrigerators.  But, the Samsung RSG309 is a one of a kind. It’s the first refrigerator that allows you to go on the Internet and play with your apps!  There’s an 8-inch touch screen display that acts as a computer screen.  The fridge itself connects to your home wireless network.  Then, you’re able to access your favorite apps.

Here’s a list of supported apps:%image_alt%

  • Weatherbug
  • Pandora
  • Twitter
  • Google Calendar
  • Picasa & slideshow

Others things you can do is play ongoing Internet radio or songs, stream news stories and stocks.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a computer expert as this is very self intuitive.  For $2,700, it is nothing to sneeze at.  But, a Sub Zero or other premium refrigerator is typically much more than this price.  Oh yeah, the Samsung fridge is also good at keeping things cool.  It has 30 cubic feet inside, adjustable shelves, and has 2 different cooling temperatures for the refrigerator and cooler compartments.

What I like about this is that it is perfect for the soccer Mom or stay-at-home Mom who is an organization freak. Instead of taking out a paper calendar or wondering where the laptop or iPad support is, Mom can just check her fridge.  Just enter and view calendar events on the LCD screen.  Also, you don’t have throw post-it notes and pictures on the fridge.  Just load them up and view them on the LCD screen, either in Picasa, Google Calendar, or somewhere else.  This refrigerator takes tech support day-to-day to a whole new level.  Plus, it will keep your ice cream cold!

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