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Amazon Cloud Drive review – file backup setup

%image_alt%Cloud, cloud, cloud, and more cloud. That’s the big talk with storing files.  Amazon is now putting its money where it’s mouth is with the Amazon Cloud Drive.  As with any cloud computer service, you can upload, back up, and share.  Amazon goes a step above though by allowing you to upload your music library.  Why? This plays into the ability for tablets, such as iPads, to be able to play their music libraries without actually storing them on their hard drives.  Cool, right?

In the past, it was possible to back up your files, as well as music, to the cloud. But, this Amazon cloud PC / Mac service now allows you the luxury of not filling up your hard drive with music.  Music and pictures typically take the most space on a computer, and these files may be stored in the cloud.

The good – You can start with a 5GB free account to test drive the cloud service for free.  You can access your cloud from any computer.  Also, this is ideal for Android tablets and iPad support.

The bad – The cost is $1 / month per GB i.e. 200GB  costs $200/year.  Not bad for a company, but residential rates can be fetched for $50/year for unlimited file backup storage i.e. Carbonite.  Note that Carbonite and cheaper online backup options don’t allow you to edit files online or play your music from the cloud.

The ugly – Don’t perform the initial file upload over 3G or you’ll be sure to fork over your whole wallet.  Make sure to turn your device to WiFi Internet service only for the upload.

Overall, Amazon Cloud Drive is the first out of the gates in front of Google and Apple to play music in the cloud. If you’re a music junkie, it’s great.  However, more players in the industry need to service this niche for the cost to come down.  Songs and albums can take up a lot of space, so lots of space will be required.  Also, the Internet speed must be at least at FIOS or T1 speeds to ensure good sound quality.

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