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Apple Oct. 22 event – What to expect at the Apple support event

oct-22-apple-eventThe Apple October 22nd event is going to showcase some new Apple service toys.  Included in the mix are the new versions of:  the full iPad, iPad mini, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, Thunderbolt 2 monitor and Mac Pro.

The iPad 5 will be faster, have an 8-megapixel camera, and mesh well with the new iOS 7 design.  The iPad mini 2 will have a retina display and also use the A7 chip that the iPhone 5 uses.  Plus, a smart cover will now be available for it.  The MacBook Pro will have an even better long-lasting battery and an enhanced, faster Haswell processor.  The Mac Pro, now looking like a glorified black garbage can, is now the new Mac desktop that is supposed to come in at an entry level price.  The Mac mini may get a bump up with the new Haswell processor also, a faster Wi-Fi connection and Thunderbolt port.  On to the Thunderbolt 2 monitor.  You will not have a thunderbolt connection as well as the older USB 2.0 port.

OS X Mavericks!  The new operating system for the Macs.  You’ll see even more integration with the iOS platform for apps.  There are power management features that are supposed to extend the battery life of MacBooks.

All good things to expect from the Apple support folks.  I think the notable products will be the iPad mini with the retina display along with the Mac Pro.  Otherwise, all the rest of the products will look completely the same but be a bit faster.  It’s kind of a let-down that besides the completely new Mac Pro, there really isn’t any special creativity going on with the new Mac products.

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