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Why the Apple Watch is a failure. 3 Main reasons why you shouldn’t buy the Apple Watch.

Why the Apple watch is a missA watch.  A computer.  Apps.  James Bond.  All together, you have a half-baked e-watch.  That was the intent of the Apple Watch.  Unfortunately, the end result was a big miss.  It can probably be chalked up to the second biggest Apple service product miss next to the LISA computer.

So, why did the Apple strike out with this one?

  1. It’s not worth the hassle.  So, you set up your Apple Watch like you do your phone.  And when all is said and done, it’s merely just a glorified e-watch.  Actually, it’s just an iPhone mini-Me, but about 25% effective.
  2. The screen is just too small.  For what you want to accomplish, the screen is just too tiny.  Can’t text easily, can’t view photos, can’t see.
  3. Just use your phone!  You need a SIM card for the watch to fully work.  This defeats the purpose of riding solo with your watch.  If you go for a run or want to exercise, you need to have both your phone and watch with you to be totally updated.

In the end, just use your phone and throw it on your arm with an armband.  It will act just like the watch and you won’t have to shell out a few hundred dollars extra to show off a piece of worthless metal.

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