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Are kids too connected to their smartphones? – The always-connected generation review – Too much smartphone use for kids?

Are kids using smartphones too much?
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It’s everywhere, the iPhone, the Samsung, Android, and other smartphones are out and about.  In the past, phones would be used for emergency-use only.  That was attributed to the high cost of cell phone usage, but also due to the fact that phones were boring.  They were made just to make calls.  If you went on the Internet, it took forever and cost a bundle every second.

Nowadays, the smartphone has everything:  email, the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, texting, more social media, more Internet, movies, playlists, videos, and pretty much anything you want to buy.  I understand and own up to me being an iPhone freak – I simply get the shakes when it’s not in hand.  Hi, I’m Joe and I’m an iPhone-aholic.

But, what about the kids of this generation?  Those that are starting as early as 6, 7 years old and up who are feeling the coolness factor when using their smartphones and others are drawn to them.  I see teenagers head-deep into their smartphones when waiting for the train, bus, or walking the crosswalks almost getting run over.  When is too much smartphone use too much?

Well, we have to look at what the smartphone is being used for.  If your kid is just playing the same video game non-stop in the attempt to clear all the stages and win, it’s healthy to be competitive to a certain degree.  It would be helpful if other real friends joined in and your kid is socializing while playing the game.  But, if he’s driving solo here for hours on end, I don’t feel that’s too healthy or productive.  On the flip side, if your kid is constantly socializing via Facebook, Twitter, and other apps, then that’s a good thing.  It’s a good thing as long as it leads to an eventual in-person get-together.  Virtual socializing is a good thing when it, in effect, allows for real socialization.

Of course, there’s a time and place for everything.  Smartphones should be put away at meals, in classrooms, and meetings.  It’s okay to pick it up for the old traditional emergency call, but to just starting working away on it in front of someone else is down-right rude!  iPhone support etiquette along with smartphone tech service usage should be a class as many out there have failed at this one, but I digress and I am hopping off my soapbox now.

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