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Best 1TB Solid State Drive – Samsung 840 review – Samsung 1TB SSD review – Best 1TB SSD to buy

Upgrade your hard drive to a 1TB SSD - New York Computer Help
Upgrade your hard drive to a 1TB SSD – New York Computer Help

Looking for a good solid state drive (SSD) that has a 1TB storage capacity?  The Samsung 840 Evo fits the bill here.  A heft bill it is, by the way, at $650.  The hard drive experts claim this is the best bang for its buck, coming in at 65 cents per gigabyte.

I’m a big fan of the Samsung 840 120GB, 250, 500, and 750GB GB SSD’s.  They are solid and seem to last awhile.  We have never performed lab recovery on the Samsung 840 series so that definitely speaks to how reliable these drives are.

The 1TB Samsung drive comes with a 3-year tech support warranty which is pretty good.  Another good feature is it’s only 7 millimeters thick so that it will be able to fit into your MacBook Pro or another slimline notebook that you may own.  A definite plus is that the SSD comes with its own cloning software, Samsung Data Migration Tool, which will clone your current drive to the upgraded Samsung SSD.  Not bad for value-added service here.

It also comes with some fluffy customization software for your drive, Samsung Magician, which I’m not sure how effective or necessary that is.  It does claim to further boost the drive’s performance by allowing your RAM memory to be accessed for also powering the drive.  I question the effectiveness with including RAM to enhance a hard drive, but I guess it sounds nice.

A cool add-on is the desktop bay that is included in case you want to install it into your desktop computer instead of your laptop.  Overall, the drive’s stability, pricing, and nice add-on’s makes it a good 1TB solid state drive to buy.

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