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Best 2012 Tech Gifts – Best 2012 Gadget Gifts – Top 5 2012 Tech Gifts

Tech support for gadgets, technology, and giftsLooking for that unique tech gift to get for your friend or family member?  It’s not as easy as you think.  I once bought my grandmother a new stereo system with wireless speakers and although it was great in theory, the wireless kept shorting out, leading to many tech support calls from grandma!  So, not only does your tech gift have to be cool and affordable, but it has to be devoid of constant technology support.

Here are my top 5 tech gifts to buy for the 2012 holiday season:

  1. Panasonic RP-HJE120D Earbud Headphones – Perfect for the fitness buff, gym rat, runner, or commuter, these headphones or comfortable, have tremendous quality sound, and costs less than $10.
  2. Logitech Harmony 200 – If you know someone that needs to operate 2+ remotes just to turn the TV or DVD on, then this $30 remote fits the bill.  It’s tech support friendly and can operate up to 3 devices.  It may not seem like anything ingenious, but believe me, it will bring a smile to someone’s disorganized remote control messy live room.
  3. Bluetooth Silicone iPad Keyboard – Everyone has an iPad, but not everyone likes to type on it.  This bluetooth keyboard can be easily roll away in your bag and be used with your iPad.  Just $60.
  4. Kindle – Starting at $69, the Kindle is still a popular, reliable e-reader that doesn’t cost a lot.  I put it on this list since is affordable and makes for a great gift that is useable.
  5. App Radio SPH-DA02 – This is the gift to impress someone who has a car and an iPhone.  This will allow you to see your iPhone apps on a 6.1″ tablet screen in your car.  No more fumbling around with iPhone apps while driving.  You can check out all your navigation, restaurant, music and car apps on this.  Priced at $400, this is the heavy hitter of tech gifts and will surely be a hit.

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