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Best app for the elderly – Best age tech app for your grandparents or parents

Best elderly appI look back at how my grandparents had to suffer with Alzheimer’s the last several years of their lives, and always believed it should have been easier for them.  Not only was it hard for them to remember when they last ate meals or who came to visit, but as her family, we never had the full info when her nurse was alone with her.  

Now, there are a slew of apps that can assist the elderly to help when the memory is not so sharp any longer.  One that stands out is Carely.  Carely is a nice app that helps report and plans visits with doctors along with moods.  It also tracks medical info so you don’t have to call up to the doctor after for a recap.  The provider info is listed and you can document the next visit appointment date.

This app goes a step above by connecting all the providers together so you don’t have to be the liaison.  This is a big time saver.  There are also quick buttons to call loved ones in case of emergencies.  I’d like to see more of a built-in prescription area where refills are done automatically.  This would also save time.

Of all the age tech apps, Carely is a good one to try if you have a loved one who may need assistance. I wish I had Carely around for my grandparents.  It would have been very helpful.  It’s tech support friendly and a big time saver.

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