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Best apps to secure your iPhone / Android – How to secure your iPhone / Android – Install anti-virus software on iPhone

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It’s not about just locking down your computer with anti-virus software.  Now, you need to worry about securing your phone as well.  As your resident iPhone expert in NYC, I’m happy to help.  Let’s get to it. 

Here are the best apps to secure your iPhone if it winds up in the wrong hands:

  • Find My iPhone – The classic find-my-iPhone-if-a-thief-takes-it app.
  • Where’s My Droid – Similar to Find My iPhone, this Droid app tracks down the perp and your phone.
  • Lookout – Not only can you find your phone, but you can back up your data when it’s lost.
  • Silent Circle – Looking to go under-cover?  This apps will encrypt your calls, texts, and emails.
  • Call Blocker – Create a blacklist to reject calls and auto-reply a message to them.  There’s an added feature that will let you know back up your contacts and data to a new phone.

So, there’s no actual iPhone anti-virus software to install as of yet.  There are online security cloud apps that claim to protect iPhones, but not actual software you can set it up yet.  Yes, we have heard of viruses on an iPhone, but the only recourse as of now is to back up and reinstall your iOS.  I’m sure there will be anti-virus software to install in the future.  As of now, we are somewhat safe.

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