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Best Black Friday TV – Best, cheapest TV on Black Friday?

Set up smart TV NYCFor those who have followed my blogs, you already know that I’m mildly embarrassed about my sub-par living room TV.  Okay, I’m just lucky if it turns on any more.  It’s really on its last legs as it freezes like a PC stalls sometimes.  I keep telling myself that I spent so much on this 50-inch 7-8 years ago.  Yes, it’s old and it still has the old-school computer monitor cable instead of the HDMI connections.  Okay, I feel better that I’ve gotten that all of my chest.

Now, I am in the market for a replacement TV.  I’m leaning towards a 70-inch TV since I think an 80-inch TV may leave me dazed and confused due to how huge it is for my normal-sized living room.

The typical specs I’d want, and you should look for in a new TV on Black Friday are the following:

  • High IQ? – Seriously, you want to look for a Smart TV.  Smart meaning that it connects to the Internet.  Most new TV’s will come with this, but just make sure since you want to integrate it with your media and computers.
  • Plasma, LCD, or LED? –  The LED LCD TVs offer the brightest and best resolutions of TV’s above 42 inches.  Plus, they have the lowest power consumptions which will save on your electric bill.
  • How big? – The standard measurement is that you should not go higher than 72 inches if you are 9 feet away from your TV.  But, of course, you can rock out an 80 or 102-inch screen if you prefer the cinema experience.
  • Which brand? – The Sharp LC-70LE847U 70″ AQUOS Quattron LED Smart TV is my favorite.  It’s 70 inches, has a crisp 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and all the Internet apps and connections you’ll need.  It is also 3D.  It will put you back $3,300, but should be shaved off an additional $500 – $900 during Black Friday.
  • Where to go? – Best Buy, B & H Photo, and perform a Google search online.

The Smart TV is the best discount item you’ll find this Black Friday season.  Keep this on your radar.  The tech setup is easy and you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come.  I know I can’t wait!

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Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.


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