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Best Blackberry TV remote control – AV/Shadow review / blackberry support

Let’s face it:  It’s annoying trying to locate the remote control, a.k.a. remote, a.k.a. kvetcher. And even more annoying replacing batteries every few months on it.  And what about deciphering if you have the right remote, TV, DVD, Cable, etc.

Now, with the AV / Shadow from Unify4Life you can just use your Blackberry to control the world.  Okay, just your electronic devices, that is.

Here are all the devices you can control:

  • TV
  • Cable box
  • DVD player
  • Stereo
  • iPod, iTouch

You can control up to 16 devices in total. This means you can control your bedroom TV, den TV, and other rooms all from your blackberry.  No more worrying about 2-3 remote controls to turn on the cable box and TV.  Just your blackberry will handle this.  The cool factor is that you get 1 year of TV program listings on your blackberry so you can browse what’s playing on your blackberry, select a program, and set reminders what to watch.  Pretty cool!

The remote control setup is easy for the blackberry setup. You can take care of the setup from your blackberry itself or perform a computer setup where you select each device online.  It is easier to do from your blackberry itself since it will key in the infrared devices directly.

The blackberry device is $100 which might sound steep, but for peace of mind and an easy tech setup, it’s worth it.

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