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Best calendar reminder app for iPhone – iPhone reminders – Do Date review

%image_alt%The iPhone will remind you about upcoming calendar events, but it Notification Center utility is greatly lacking.  Do Date improves upon the Notification Center by adding a list of importing upcoming dates to it.  This is a great aid in preparing for events.

Wouldn’t you want an easy birds-eye view of the next 2-4 weeks of your schedule?  You can get reminders of birthdays so you can adequately prepare to buy presents.  Got a football game coming up?  You can get the reminder in advance so you can make sure you buy long johns or other clothes to keep you warm outside.  You get the point.

This app keeps you updated with future events so you’re prepared.  The Notification Center alone just updates you to events within the hour or day.  But, the Do Date app gives you an easy view of the next few months.  Plus, it gives you a countdown to the scheduled event.  Who wouldn’t want to know how many days until you go to Disney World?!

In regard to the tech setup, it’s easy.  You can just stick with the defaults which displays up to 10 items in the Notification Center.  You can tweak the design to banners or alerts, it’s up to you.  iPhone support experts need not apply on this one.  It’s a well-oiled iPhone service app that just works well.

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